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Associate Position Available Immediately: Maryville, MO


We have an associate position available immediately as one of our associates has relocated and opened their own practice.

We are looking for a motivated, teachable chiropractor with high personal and business ethics. He/she must have a strong Chiropractic foundation and good interpersonal skills. He/she must be aggressively friendly.

Our associate program provides the highest quality training in patient and practice management. We will teach the him/her every aspect of practice development and management. We will provide the associate with the new patients needed to grow a practice. We will also provide the means and the training to acquire other new patients. It is the intent of our associate program to develop the doctor to such a degree that they can go out on their own in 2-3 years, if they chose, and duplicate or exceed our success in a short period of time!

The compensation is a salary plus a percentage of collections that the associate services. Because of office is a multi-doctor facility and we substitute for one another, the associate will also receive vacation and seminar relief at full pay.

If you would like to interview for this position, please call or email. -Dr. Matthew Baker