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Associate, Partnership Wanted: Watertown, NY


Step into an ultra successful 40 year practice with absolute interest in partnership and ownership. Be trained by two of the most successful thinkers in chiropractic. Grow as an entrepreneur, and be mentored as a healer and leader in the community. Fast track to success. Is this the business opportunity for you to create your future? Email us at jeyno56@gmail.com. Text 315-783-9006. Live in a pristine region of the country. Enjoy the fresh, clean outdoors with Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence river minutes away. Have access to the Adirondack mountains. Watertown international airport minutes away. If this is not for you, please pass it forward. Thank you! Northern Lights Chiropractic; Dr. Larry Silverstein and Dr. Becky Keshmiri, Watertown, NY 13601