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Associate: Ocean Springs, MS


As a chiropractor at an established practice with multiple locations, you will be primarily responsible for working with patients and helping them with their rehabilitation needs. Beyond just providing excellent patient care, you will also research new treatment modalities that can be incorporated into our practice and provide advice to patients on how to live a healthier lifestyle. This is the perfect role for any chiropractor who wants to perform basic adjustments while taking your profession a step further by truly helping your patients get on track towards greater health and wellness. The key to thriving at our office is to be knowledgeable with an attitude geared towards helping other people while cohesively functioning with our well-educated staff.
Nestled along the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico, our main office located in the City of Ocean Springs is a vibrant and eclectic arts community. It is home to numerous galleries, artist studios, and over 100 restaurants, visit our historical and growing commercial districts for unique shopping experiences. Enjoy city services and facilities by spending time in one of our many parks and green spaces and in schools that are among the best in the State of Mississippi, premier healthcare facilities, and a unique beauty found all over town.

Job Responsibilities
• See patients on a daily basis (in multiple locations) in order to determine their needs and perform manipulations and adjustments depending on their overall wellness plan
• Diagnose health problems by comprehensively reviewing the medical histories of patients and looking over the results of X-rays
• Provide advice to patients regarding how they can improve their health through chiropractic care and at-home exercises
• Create wellness plans for patients based on their goals for physical health and wellness, medical history, any injuries and personal requests
• Consult with patients regarding injuries and past health history, and make referrals to other medical professionals based on findings
• Update patient medical records at the end of every appointment and file with correct administrative department for billing and record-keeping purposes