Logan’s Fall 2020 Plan + COVID-19 Updates

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Associate Chiropractor – Kennewick, WA

On Call

Doctor of Chiropractic – Kennewick, WA
Our mission and purpose is to help our patients reach their fullest God-given potential through the principles of Chiropractic and the 5 Foundations of Health.

Who we want

· Do you naturally customize your approach to each patient?

· Do you find deep satisfaction in forming and enjoying close relationships with your practice members?

· Are you naturally upbeat and can get others excited about Chiropractic care?

· Do you have a great desire to learn more about Chiropractic and how it can help others?

· Do you* innately sense the feelings of others* and often feel the patient’s needs before they even voice it?

What you will do

Our Practice is offering an opportunity to showcase your clinical skills as a Chiropractor in our practice. We are looking for a positive person with great people and communication skills and a passion for helping others through Chiropractic care. Excellent relationship-building skills are a must to ensure service is provided with a high degree of quality. You will be responsible for all the activities involved in converting and retaining practice members.

What you need

· Doctor of Chiropractic Diploma and State license in good standing. If you are licensed in a different state, we can wait for your WA license.

· Starting Salary $75,000 to $80,000 starting base salary plus bonuses