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Fulfill Your Chiropractic Vision–

👉 Become a Hope Dealer | Miracle Worker | Chiropractic Expert


We know your story. You fell in love with seeing the difference chiropractic care makes in the lives of children, pregnant moms, athletes and families of all ages.

You believe in the power 👊 of the body to heal itself, and are craving the opportunity to pass that belief on to others who desperately need it.

We get that your academic journey has been full of elation and times of overwhelming frustration 😤. What you seek now is a place where your vision and your gifts can come together and have an amazing impact 🙌

➡️ We believe CoMo Chiropractic Center is the perfect place for you.

Join the CoMo Chiropractic Team and become the “Hope Dealer” you want to be, and show the world that they can Expect Miracles!


✅ Vision-driven exceptional team

◦ We look around and see a world where excuses, intimidation, and lowered expectations have become the standards for our physical, emotional, and social well being. We are leading the change to set a new standard where we deal HOPE and inspire families to reach for more when it comes to their potential. Every member of our team is dedicated to this mission, and we have a vision.

✅ State of the art adjustment center

✅ A culture of talent development

◦ Are you looking to grow as a leader? We are seeking team members who are actively engaged in developing their talents.

◦ We are a mentor-office. From owner-down, our team is always learning! These are more than just words. Every member of our team–doctors, staff members–is committed to growing every day and helping each other on the journey.

If you’re ready to fulfill your chiropractic vision and become a hope dealer, email drchelsey@comochiropractic.com.