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Associate: Bowling Green, KY


If you are looking for a job that has a high ceiling, Bluegrass Chiro is the place to be! Kentucky has more to offer than meets the eye, including a low cost of living with the same reimbursement rates as practicing in states like Iowa, Florida, or California! We know your student loans are high, so we pay you enough to make a good living AND pay off your debts!

We are a chiropractic group with 20 doctors and continually growing, but no practice management gimmicks of a specified adjustment (i.e. time, technique, etc.). Having a group so large allows you access to a larger database of experience, including answers to complicated patient questions, radiology questions, and more. We even offer you full access to the computer, allowing you to see how much you billed out and therefore how much value you bring to the practice. We provide a HIPAA compliance officer and will apply for your provider numbers for you, streamlining the process so all you have to do is what we do best: getting patients well!

Candidates must be open to learning, coachable, honest, and hard working. If you are not any of these above qualities, you will drastically decrease your potential and therefore it will directly affect your pay. If you possess these qualities, you will make a high income and develop lasting bonds within this group.

You will have a base pay and a bonus that is only limited by your motivation. Your malpractice and health insurance will be paid, and retirement will be matched. You will be mentored by the 20 chiropractors within the group, including our own Kentucky Chiropractor of the Year.

*Note = Price above is STARTING salary.