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Associate: Austin & Georgetown Texas


Doctor of Chiropractic Position Austin & Georgetown

Job Description
Chiropractor needed for Central Texas Clinics (Austin & Georgetown)!

Responsibilities center around patient care including exams, diagnosing, adjusting and directing care.

Is this you?

Do you like people?
Are you personable & professional?
Are you open-minded?
Are you compassionate?
Are you comfortable recommending corrective care treatment plans that include therapy and rehab?
Practice Treatment Guidelines & Focus

The focus of this company is patients’ wellness. We aim to get patients well and keep them well through regular chiropractic care. We believe Chiropractic is the best FIRST option for treating neuro-muskuloskeletal conditions. We also believe that it is a great tool to maintain mobility for longevity and performance for life.

We are dedicated to providing a relaxed yet professional environment where patients feel respected and cared for. We are compassionate and caring while maintaining professional boundaries and our policies.

Patients need to know about their bodies and health and what the best recommendations are. We are compassionate and outcome-based — our treatment protocols are based on the comfort level of the patient combined with results!

We follow standard treatment guidelines for medical necessity. The basis of our treatment starts with the adjustment. In addition therapeutic modalities and rehab are included to support what we do with the adjustment. Once a patient is stable we help them maintain their health through regular wellness care thereafter.

Adjusting Style/ Doctor Role

We would like you to follow our adjusting style while adapting to the patient’s body type and conditions. It is important that there is thought about where and where not to adjust and to be specific with our adjustment to achieve the best possible results. We use flexion-distraction with most patients, adjust manually either Gonstead, Diversified, or Thompson Drop, and utilize passive modalities, decompression therapy and rehabilitative exercises. We also utilize arthrostim and gentler adjusting techniques if needed. The doctor’s primary role is to direct care and adjust patients — typically assistants will carry out therapy and rehab protocols with the patients.

What you need

Doctor of Chiropractic Diploma and TX State license in good standing. If you are licensed in another US state, we can wait for your license.
Things you should know

Salary (base+bonus) $55,000 – $85,000 annually
Individual Focused Care
Rehabilitation Care
Pain Relief
Adjustment plus Therapy
Specific Techniques: Manual Adjusting, flexion distraction

COVID-19 considerations:
We are regularly cleaning surfaces as recommended, wearing masks and screening patients.