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Acupuncturist: St. Louis, MO


High-end community style clinic focusing solely on acupuncture and sales of herbal supplements

We have immediate openings for Full time, Part-time, and Temporary hours. We have two clinics in St. Louis that we are hiring in (Des Peres and Brentwood). Depending on how many hours you would like, you may have the opportunity to work in both clinics.

As an Acupuncturist at Modern Acupuncture, you will be working with other wellness minded individuals on a mission to better the lives of everyone who walks through our door. Your primary goal is to make the client feel safe and comfortable and be an advocate for their healing. Using your acupuncture knowledge and Modern Acupuncture distal needling techniques, you will assess, treat and recommend the course of care for our guests. You will also be responsible for keeping accurate and thorough guest records and communicating with other team members about their recommended treatment plan.

To discuss job details and pay potential, contact Courtney VanderPol at 605-376-8737 for more details, or email