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Michael Jula, DC

Michael P. Jula, DC is an assistant professor at Logan University where he teaches Reinert Specific Diversified Technique in the College of Chiropractic. An April 2004 Logan graduate, Dr. Jula has based the foundation of how he practices chiropractic with use of this core Logan adjusting technique both in the Logan clinic system and in private practice. He has been full-time faculty at Logan since 2008, where he had also worked as a clinician through the end of 2021.

Hailing from the south side of Chicago, Dr. Jula originally came to study at Logan having been a full-time professional musician. A guitarist by trade, he is conservatory-educated in classical composition with a minor in jazz guitar performance. After hundreds of performances, he had started seeing a chiropractor for management of headaches and neck issues. Having experienced such tremendous success as a patient, he decided to enroll as a student at Logan, with a special interest in being able to help his fellow musicians.

Dr. Jula’s passion for Reinert Specific Diversified Technique came as a result of having sustained a low back injury while in his fourth trimester of study at Logan. Still moonlighting as a musician, he had developed a lumbar intervertebral disc bulge after lifting heavy equipment. Within a matter of days, and after receiving a total of four specific lumbar adjustments for this disc problem, he was completely asymptomatic. This experience inspired him to strive to become the best adjustor he could possibly become. He worked as a teaching assistant for the Diversified faculty while he was still a student, and found extreme fulfillment doing this. Dr. Jula was also the 2003 recipient of the Logan College of Chiropractic Alumni Association’s Otto C. Reinert, DC Memorial Scholarship.

Since January 2022 Dr. Jula has been a full-time member of Logan’s Diversified faculty. He believes that helping others to see the best within themselves is the most rewarding aspect of getting to work with students. He also serves as Faculty Advisor to both the Student American Black Chiropractic Association and to the Chi Rho Sigma professional chiropractic fraternity.