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Garrison Redd

Sport: Para Powerlifting
Discipline: Bench Press
Height: 5’7
DOB: 06/22/1988
Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Current City of Residence: Brooklyn, NY
High School: James Madison High School, Brooklyn, NY
College: Kingsborough Community College, York College
Local Coach: John Gaglione
World Championship Experience:
– Qualified for 2019 World Championships in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan
– Qualified for 2020 World Championships in Bogota, Colombia


Garrison Redd is from Brooklyn, New York. He is a TEDx Speaker, Team USA Para-Powerlifter, model, dancer, and an advocate for disabled rights. Redd founded The Garrison Redd Project with the goal of enhancing the well-being of disabled individuals through access to adaptive sports, athletic equipment, and motivational resources. Growing up Redd played various sports including boxing, basketball, baseball, and football. In football, He was a standout running back from youth football up until high school, receiving various awards and accolades. In his senior year of high school, Redd suffered from a gunshot wound to his back, leaving him paralyzed and unable to walk. After this catastrophic injury, Redd was inspired to think about the ways he could leverage his injury to help and inspire others living with physical disabilities. Recently he competed in a national qualifier held at Logan University to represent team USA division in Bogota, Colombia. Garrison trains at Gaglione Strength, located in Farmingdale, New York.

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