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Frank Vaught, Jr., DC

Dr. Frank Vaught Jr, currently residing in Chicagoland area, is the founder and owner of Health on Earth Wellness Centers, LLC. Dr. Vaught is an award-winning chiropractor, community leader for personal health and wellness, author, international speaker, and an amazing husband and father. Dr. Vaught proudly served eight years in the United States Army after he graduated from college. He attended school while in the military and studied hospital medical nutrition. Dr. Vaught has been a practicing chiropractor in the Chicago area in his own office, Health on Earth Wellness Centers, LLC since 2004. His practice focuses on family wellness care and community health education. Dr. Vaught is also a co-founder of four other successful health and wellness locations in Illinois. In addition to having his own practice and countless other accomplishments, Dr. Vaught is a believer of giving back to his community. Dr. Vaught also participates in supporting the community by being an active board member of Carolyn’s Kids, 501c-3, and more. Another way that he has been able to achieve giving back, is by being a co-founder of Evoke Chiropractic Coaching, LLC as well. Evoke Chiropractic Coaching, LLC, focuses on assisting minorities in the chiropractic field, build a viable business by ensuring that they are fully prepared for success after they have completed school.

One of the things that Dr. Vaught is most proud of first, is being a husband, a father, doctor, and mentor. He leads with his heart and ensures that everyone at his table are in a situation where they are able to know how to fish so that they will be able to always eat.