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Alex Gonzalez-Poma

Sport: Para Powerlifting
Discipline(s): Bench Press
Height: 5’1
DOB: 11/12/1995
Birthplace: Fairfax, VA
Hometown: Fairfax, VA
High School: Annandale High School
College: University of Maryland
Local Coach: Stephen Miller
World Championship Experience:
– 2018 World Championships in Bogota, Colombia


Luis Alexander Gonzalez-Poma (or as his friends call him, Falcon) grew up outside of Washington, DC. While born with spina bifida, Gonzalez-Poma had a very active childhood, playing sports ranging from basketball to sled hockey. Gonzalez-Poma’s love for powerlifting started in 2017, when he joined  the Nova CrossFit Strength and Conditioning gym. Since then, Luis has been devoted to bettering himself and training specifically for para powerlifting. He has competed in three international meets since December 2018; his ultimate goal to join the group of athletes that will go to the Paralympic Games in 2024 and beyond. In addition to powerlifting, Gonzalez-Poma runs a non-profit organization called ‘Cosplay for Understanding’ to help raise awareness about physical, mental, and emotional differences and help individuals reach their goals.

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