First Responders Chiropractic Care Program

Logan University is a proud member of the St. Louis and surrounding community. As a way of saying thank you, Logan University offers a First Responders Program.

Beginning in 2010, the Logan University Chiropractic Heath Centers began providing complimentary chiropractic care to area firefighters, police officers, emergency medical technicians and returning military soldiers (since 9/11). To date, this program has enabled our local heroes to receive over 40,000 visits and approximately $2 million dollars in care. Logan University is extremely proud of the First Responders Program and the benefits provided for deserving men and women.

The popularity of this complimentary care program has soared over the years and has simply outpaced the ability to maintain the program in its current form. Therefore, Logan is updating the program to ensure its continuity. Effective January 1, 2015, most visits provided under Logan’s First Responders Program will incur a $10 fee. The $10 fee covers the following: new patient consultation, examinations, radiology services (except diagnostic ultrasound), spinal and extremity manipulation, and physical therapies and rehabilitative services.

Are veterans included in the program changes?

No. Returning military soldiers (since 9/11) are invited to continue receiving complimentary care through the Logan University Chiropractic Health Centers.  

I’m currently a patient in the First Responders Program; do I have any free visits left?

Current patients will continue to receive complimentary care through December 31, 2014.

I’m not a current patient; what services are included in the first visit?

Your initial visit is very important, as it forms the foundation of your future care. Therefore, the first visit is very comprehensive, and includes:

  • Consultation and thorough review of your health history.
  • A physical examination relevant to your complaint(s) and health history.
  • X-ray views and interpretation, if indicated.

The second visit will be scheduled at the conclusion of your first visit.  At the second visit you will receive:

  • A report of findings explained in understandable terms.
  • A proposed plan of care, including services and duration.
  • Your initial treatment.

How do I make an appointment?

Please call the Logan University Chiropractic Health Center that is most convenient for you to set up an appointment. Click here for locations. 

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