Veterans serving veterans: Dr. Aaron Armetta gives back through chiropractic

Dr. Aaron Armetta with his wife Brittany and their son Gavin.

“They have seen quite a bit of action—injuries ranging from black eyes, to gunshot wounds to the head, to severed limbs. My medics out there have done great things and helped to save the lives of many. Another two Soldiers are currently serving as medics on Convoys with one of our Infantry Battalions. They see improvised explosive device (IED) and small arms fire attacks nearly every time they go out. One of the two will earn his CMB (Combat Medical Badge) soon—awarded to any medic who treats casualties while under fire. Back here at Camp Liberty in Baghdad, we have seen our share of patients as well. We currently have a Soldier in our Patient Holding facility who received the Purple Heart for bravery and courage. His convoy was hit with an IED and he sustained seven fairly large shrapnel wounds and still has pieces of metal stuck all over his body.”

Reading letters written by Aaron Armetta, DC, MS, CSCS, ART while serving as a medical officer in Iraq tells you a lot about his reason for choosing a career in health care. What he observed during two combat tours over the course of five active duty years ignited a passion that led him down the path of serving others.

“While working in the medical treatment facilities, I was always surprised that there were physical therapists on hand, but never chiropractors available for post-surgical care. I started thinking that there had to be a better way to treat people besides drugs,” he said. “When it came close to the time I was able to get off active duty, I started researching what I could do to provide a more natural way of healing.”

In 2012, Dr. Armetta graduated with his Doctor of Chiropractic and later earned his Master of Science in Sports Science and Rehabilitation from Logan. He opened his own practice in Fisher, Ill., before being offered the opportunity to serve as a chiropractor to active military and veterans at Brodwyn Military Chiropractic near Fort Benning, Ga.

“Working at Brodwyn was my first time working with the military. It was extremely rewarding and fulfilled a passion I had for giving back to those who care so much about our country,” said Dr. Armetta.

Delivering on that promise, Dr. Armetta currently practices alongside a fellow military veteran and chiropractor Nathan Lauenstein, DC at Functional Performance Chiropractic & Wellness in Omaha, Neb. Together they treat patients and give back to veterans in the form of chiropractic care. They also participate in the Veterans Choice Program, which gives veterans who don’t have access to a VA chiropractor the opportunity to receive health care at a chiropractic practice near their residence.

“One of the most enjoyable things about working with veterans is being able to connect to their situation and the conversation,” said Dr. Armetta. “As someone who has been through it, not only can I examine and diagnose, but I also can relate to them on a personal level.”

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  • Michael D Koontz DC NMD

    6/8/2018 10:55:36 AM |

    graduated 12/76 diploma January 77
    Everyone’s favorite teacher was Dr. Dale Montgomery. He was paralyzed from the neck down by a rabid dog bite. He told our class if he could’ve reached for the shotgun he would’ve killed himself, but that Sunday morning his parents left the Radio on the church channel who is interviewing Logan grad who had success with paralysis.
    They call the church the doctor came in with the first treatment he felt a tingling in his leg. Obviously he recovered to become the premier anatomy instructor and basic technique. While he always had a for a right leg limp yet he still had The energy to see patients at his house.
    Dr Dale helped my wife and I concieve our first child Michael. Indeed i gained great respect for Logan Basic! Michael practices near Athens Greece. One day we may yet join together and teach! Carmel, IN


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