Stories from Symposium - Dr. Kristina Petrocco-Napuli

“Are you thinking about physiological journey of women?” That was the question posed by Dr. Kristina Petrocco-Napuli to attendees at Logan’s Spring Symposium on Saturday. 

Dr. Petrocco-Napuli addressed the importance of treating women’s health issues that have historically been lumped with pediatric services and the pregnant population. 

“There is a shift occurring in women’s health, which is more encompassing than puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Young girls are aging fast wherein puberty is occurring between the ages 8 and 13.  What is that doing for bone building, reproduction, polycystic ovarian syndrome and infertility? Are we helping to prepare them for the future?”

Female pain, she said, is multifactorial, and women are more likely to experience more chronic pain, widespread pain and pelvic pain.  

Dr. Petrocco-Napuli pushed chiropractors to be asking questions about dysmenorrhea, age of their first menstrual period and urinary incontinence. “Pelvic floor dysfunction can occur in girls as early as 15,” she said. “If you’re not asking these questions, you’re missing it. We should be owning women’s health issues that move the profession forward.”

Another part of women’s health, she said, is educating females to advocate for the care they need and deserve, and making sure they are given all the information.

“Seventy eight percent of women in the U.S. make the household decision on health care. Are we helping them with this to make the right choice”,” Dr. Petrocco-Napuli asked. “We are not speaking loud enough and educating like we need to be ― our patients need us. We need to integrate, talk, advocate and work together, using all the tools available.”   

Dr. Petrocco-Napuli is a 2003 graduate of New York Chiropractic College. She is an adjunct faculty member at Logan University and associate professor of the Masters of Science in Human Anatomy and Physiology Instruction Program at New York Chiropractic College. Dr. Petrocco-Napuli is currently serving as President of the ACA Women’s Health Council. 

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