Preceptor Program: Dr. Warren Kalkstein

September 12, 2018 -- Logan University’s Preceptor Program allows students to leave campus during their final trimester of studies to work in a clinical atmosphere and gain real-world experience. Logan works with students to identify valuable practice opportunities that are suited to each student’s interests. Meet Warren Kalkstein, recent Doctor of Chiropractic graduate, who completed his preceptorship in a national medical center, helping kickstart his career. 

For Warren Kalkstein, DC (2018) the opportunity to work in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center (WRNMMC) in Bethesda, Maryland, was an honor and dream. 

The Logan graduate recently completed a 15-week preceptorship where he provided chiropractic care for the nation’s heroes under the guidance of chiropractic clinicians Francisco Fernandez, DC and Terence Kearney, DC.

“This opportunity that was given to me is truly unique, and I know how fortunate I am as a chiropractor to get to work at Walter Reed,” he said. 

Prior to working at Walter Reed, Dr. Kalkstein provided chiropractic care to the underserved population at Affinia Healthcare in St. Louis under the supervision of Patrick Battaglia, DC, DACBR, integrated health center clinician and assistant professor. It was there Dr. Kalkstein found his calling to help eliminate barriers to chiropractic and conservative care to the public. 

“I see incredible opportunity for growth in the field, and I think it is important that our profession expands so the public has access to high-quality conservative musculoskeletal care,” he said. “I’m ready to be an advocate for the kind of care that I know chiropractors are providing for their patients all over the world.” 

At Walter Reed, Dr. Kalkstein worked alongside physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors in an amputee clinic, where he helped manage pain conservatively with manual and laser therapy. He also rotated through the radiology, neurosurgery and orthopedics departments while serving in the chiropractic clinic, which offered varying perspectives of patient care.

Dr. Kalkstein said he looks forward to being a part of a profession that holds so much potential as a catalyst for change in the health care model as well as striking a balance between evidence-informed and patient-centered care.  “I strive to be a life-long learner, to be a role model to my patients and to change people’s lives,” Dr. Kalkstein said. “I honestly cannot imagine a better profession to do that.” 


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