October is National Chiropractic Health Month

October 1, 2018 -- October 1 marks the first day of National Chiropractic Health Month

As a member of the American Chiropractic Association and leaders in chiropractic, Logan University supports the organization’s campaign “Move 4 Life” by encouraging all members of the Logan community, and those it serves, to move, improve and maintain their musculoskeletal and overall health.

Back pain remains one of the most prevalent and disabling conditions worldwide. It is one of the most common reasons that patients visit their doctors and one of the most common conditions for which doctors prescribe opioid pain medications. 

Since the overuse and abuse of prescription opioid painkillers in the U.S. remains a top public health problem, it’s essential for health care consumers and providers to understand that spinal manipulation and other conservative approaches can get individuals moving by safely and effectively treating musculoskeletal conditions, such as low back pain.

The ACA has also launched a campaign to enact federal legislation that would allow DCs to perform to the fullest scope of their license in Medicare, which currently serves more than 55 million seniors. 

The ACA encourages DCs and chiropractic supporters to sign the National Medicare Equality Petition at acatoday.org/equality to ensure the aging population receives full access to chiropractic care.

Throughout the month of October, participate and stay informed through these actions:

  • Tune in to Logan’s social media channels for more information about National Chiropractic Health Month, including facts, statistics, news you can use and spotlights on our Logan community.
  • Watch Logan’s Tower turn red on the evening of October 16 in honor of World Spine Day.
  • Let your voice be heard in Washington, D.C., by signing the National Medicare Equality Petition.
  • Learn how you can use ACA's resources promote National Chiropractic Health Month.
  • Become a member of ACA or the Student American Chiropractic Association


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