Logan valedictorian champions chiropractic through education

Five years ago, Elisabeth Pang, DC, BSc, BScKin, MSc, (2012) was graduating as valedictorian of her class with her Doctor of Chiropractic and master’s degree in Sports Science and Rehabilitation.

Returning to her Canadian roots, Dr. Pang now splits her time between Edmonton and Spruce Grove where she practices chiropractic, educates patients and serves as an advocate for her profession in the community. 

“The biggest eye opener for me after graduating was simply the lack of exposure people have about chiropractic,” she said. “I often find myself saying, ‘No, we don’t just treat low back pain. There are numerous ailments we can help with.’ Communication is key to a patient’s education.”

The daily interaction with patients as well as helping them see the benefits of chiropractic is something Dr. Pang is passionate about. She is also motivated by her patients and their successes, which have been instrumental in helping spread the word about chiropractic to others.  

When she’s not practicing, Dr. Pang advances the profession through chiropractic education, whether it’s at community lectures, hosting lunch and learn meetings or working with local teens and running groups. She is also part of the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors, which actively supports Alberta chiropractors through promotion and marketing initiatives.

“Additionally, I started teaching courses in the medical office administrator program at NorQuest College, a community college in Edmonton,” she said. “It’s really important for others to understand alternative health care options, and bringing a new perspective to that conversation has been invaluable.”

Dr. Pang said among her favorite things about earning her education at Logan was the opportunity to pursue whatever path she wanted to follow. That preparation, she said, ignited her passion which she hopes will continue as she both practices and educates around Central Alberta. “In the meantime, exposure to great practitioners and being a part of well-respected clinics in the community is continuing to make me a proud and successful chiropractor."

The Canadian Chiropractic Association is striving to make chiropractors an integral part of every Canadian healthcare team by 2023. Logan commends these efforts and is currently offering a $10,000 scholarship to incoming Canadian students.

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