Logan University: Leaders Made

A message from Dr. Clay McDonald, President of Logan University.

Every so often, we are given opportunities to take something great and make it even better. 

Nearly a year ago, we embarked on a discovery process to learn more about the perceived strengths, weaknesses, issues and opportunities facing the University and the chiropractic profession. We sought to understand how students are coming to learn about Logan and what ultimately drives their decision to attend. We looked at the important differences in perceptions of the University and our stakeholders. And we asked ourselves questions like, how do we do what we do and what does that mean for our students?

Countless interviews with the Logan community of students, faculty, staff and alumni gave us an opportunity to see how we are viewed and shed some light on what makes our University stand out.

What we heard was enlightening.

Words such as vibrant, intelligent, stable, professional, welcoming, progressive and energetic were used to describe Logan. Hands-on learning, a tailored curriculum, world-class faculty and a supported campus community were named areas in which we excel. And time and time again, we heard examples of how Logan creates and enables leaders … leaders in chiropractic and health sciences, leaders in education and leaders in patient-centered care. It became clear to us that we were sitting on a powerful rallying cry.

I am proud to announce what you might call a new mantra for Logan. Something that speaks to our history and how far we’ve come, and something that defines us as an academic institution and a vital player in the future of health care.

We call it Leaders Made.

Whether you have come to know Logan for a career in chiropractic or a career in health sciences, whether Logan is your home as a student or employee, or whether you’ve paved new paths or seek to leave a legacy of global reach and impact, you are part of a community of extraordinary leaders with extraordinary potential. Now it is time to share it with others. 

Leaders Made is our story. It’s a platform to share how Logan is improving the lives of patients; deepening the breadth of our curriculum, program offerings and clinical opportunities to create more enriching experiences; promoting evidence-informed, learning-centered communities where we see gaps in access; and investing in partnerships with our peers in health care and education who understand that collaboration and education are the keys to change.

In the upcoming weeks, you will hear more about Leaders Made as it’s brought to life around campus. You’ll see these words transform visually and become woven into the fabric of our University. We look forward to your excitement, support and engagement as we come together to celebrate this purpose and point of pride for the University. 

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