Logan University and University of Maine researchers test new method of monitoring people who sustain concussions

Photo via the University of Maine

Researchers from Logan University and the University of Maine recently piloted a new method of monitoring people who have sustained a concussion. Using a device called OptoGait, which evaluates how a person walks, they seek to develop measures of balance that could indicate when a person has sufficiently recovered from a concussion before resuming physical activity.

Since loss of balance can be an indicator of a concussion, OptoGait may give athletic trainers and medical professionals additional information about a patient’s symptoms than existing concussion protocols.

The research team includes four Doctors of Chiropractic with connections to Logan, including:

Dr. Melissa Engelson, assistant director of the Human Performance Center
Dr. Jose Ramirez, director of the Human Performance Center at the University of Missouri
Dr. Richard Bruns, 1980 DC graduate and chair of Logan's Board of Trustees
Dr. Kevin Bardwell, 2012 MSR graduate

Click here to learn more about the research study.


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