Logan to host 2018 ABCA Annual Convention

This summer Logan University is honored to be hosting the American Black Chiropractic Association’s (ABCA) annual convention, taking place June 28 through July 1.

Through its student chapters, the ABCA provides invaluable support to African- American chiropractic students, including mentoring and guidance as they launch their careers, said Micheala Edwards, DC (2009), ABCA vice president. Dr. Edwards joined Logan’s student ABCA (SABCA) chapter during her first days at the University. “I felt like it was a necessary organization that had an initiative to support African-American students in their studies as well as provide chiropractic services to our communities,” she noted. “The ABCA gives students the chance to learn about different ways to bring chiropractic to the African-American community, which tends to be underserved.”

The convention rotates location each year, with 2018 designated as the central region’s turn. “We base it on where we’ve been and where there’s the best opportunity to spread the word about the ABCA,” said Dr. Edwards. St. Louis was an easy choice: The city is where Bobby Westbrooks, DC (1966) founded the organization in 1981.

During the convention, ABCA will dedicate a bust of Dr. Westbrooks at Logan that will be placed in the Purser Center. “Bobby practiced in St. Louis at the time, and Logan was where the first national convention was held, so this is kind of like a homecoming for us,” Dr. Edwards said, adding that the idea to honor Dr. Westbrooks began with Logan’s student chapter.

Approximately 200 chiropractors and chiropractic students are expected to attend the convention, which includes an opening reception sponsored by Evoke Chiropractic, a St. Louis organization founded by three Logan graduates, Drs. Edgar Everett (2004), Xavier Tipler (2006) and Frank Vaught Jr. (2004). Evoke’s mission is to inspire minority chiropractors to become health and wellness leaders. Additional events include a variety of workshops and the Harvey Lillard Scholarship Banquet, in which association scholarships are awarded to SABCA members.


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