Logan SACA recognizes Drs. Montgomery, DeBono

Dr. Patrick Montgomery and Dr. Vincent DeBono

Logan University’s Student American Chiropractic Association named Associate Professor Patrick Montgomery, DC, MS, FASA, FICC, and Vincent DeBono, DC, as “DC of the Month” for June and July, respectively. 

The “DC of the Month” recognition was recently initiated by Logan’s SACA as a way to engage ACA faculty and acknowledge their leadership in chiropractic, says Logan student and SACA President Blake Brumbelow.

Dr. Montgomery serves as the SACA Faculty Advisor. He teaches Logan Basic Technique, Chiropractic History, Chiropractic Philosophy and Clinical Nutrition and serves in the Chiropractic Science Division, Clinical Science Division and the Undergraduate Division. He is also a supervising clinician for the Student Health Center and special events.  

“Dr. Montgomery is the go to person about anything you could possibly want to know about the chiropractic profession and its history” said Brumbelow. “He recently was awarded the Fellowship of the International College of Chiropractors at the Logan University’s Spring Symposium State of the College Banquet. The FICC is one of the top honors that our profession gives and it was presented to him by the Vice President of the ACA, Dr. Karen Konarski-Hart.”

Dr. DeBono, Logan’s Dean of the College of Chiropractic, is an avid supporter for the ACA and SACA at Logan. Dr. DeBono has practiced chiropractic for 27 years and has taught post-professional courses throughout the U.S. and Europe. 

His presentation “Effect of Chiropractic Student Practice Perceptions in the Utilization of Evidence-Based Care” has been accepted to conferences for the World Federation of Chiropractic as well as the American College of Clinical Electrodiagnosis, which is affiliated with the ACA as a college under the Council of Chiropractic Physiological Therapeutics and Rehabilitation.

“Dr. DeBono’s support for us as an organization on campus and the ACA nationally has helped us in engaging more of the student body and bridge some of the gap between students and faculty who also support the ACA,” said Brumbelow. “We congratulate him on this and all his many other successes as a practitioner and Dean of the Chiropractic Program here at Logan.”


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