Logan, PBCS to Host Baseball and Sports Performance Conference

October 26, 2018 -- Logan University, along with the Professional Baseball Chiropractic Society (PBCS), is proud to host the Baseball and Sports Performance Conference Nov. 10-11 at the Purser Center.

Attendees will have the opportunity to hear from 12 speakers from major and minor league baseball teams, earn 12 hours of continuing education credits and attend networking and social functions. 

Logan Professor Ralph Filson, DC was instrumental in securing Logan as the site for the third annual Baseball and Sports Performance Conference. Dr. Filson, who has served as the team chiropractor for the St. Louis Cardinals and the St. Louis Rams, has served as a board member for the PBCS since 2015, the same year the organization presented him with the Lifetime Achievement Award.

“We are thrilled to be bringing together experts in the area of sports chiropractic who have worked with top athletes in baseball, from coast to coast,” said Dr. Filson. “This is a real opportunity for students and practicing DCs to network and connect with our guest speakers.”

Dr. Filson said the conference will address relevant topics on the care of athletes, with speakers providing valuable insight on how to conduct yourself in a professional arena and work in multidisciplinary settings with physicians and athletic trainers.

The following topics and speakers have been scheduled:

  • Introduction and Program Overview (Dr. Ralph Filson)
  • Chiropractic Spine Care and Changes to Nervous System, Muscle Reflexes, Brain Function and Human Performance: A New Interpretation of the Chiropractic Paradigm (Dr. Carl Cleveland)
  • The Role of the Chiropractor in the Training Room and Applied Science and Practical Application (Dr. Patrick Hammond)
  • Global Mechanical Assessment for the Overhead Athlete (Dr. John Downes)
  • Beneficial Effects of Specific Adjustments for a Pitcher (Dr. Ralph Filson)
  • Lessons from Working in Professional Baseball, A Panel Discussion (Dr. Patrick Hammond, Dr. Lou Bisogni, Dr. Brett Winchester, Dr. Melissa Perotti, Dr. Sonny Haight and Adam Olsen, MPT, ATC)
  • Treatment of the Overhead Athlete via Active Release, Myofascial Stretching, Muscle Activation and Adjustment Techniques (Dr. Shawn Caldwell)
  • Safe Nutritional Supplements and Recently Banned Substances: NSF Certification – What It Is and Why It’s Important (John Travis)
  • Evaluation and Treatment of a UCL Injury: From the Pitcher’s Mound to the Operating Room and Back (Dr. George Paletta)
  • Manipulation: A Neurologic Necessity (Dr. Brent Winchester)
  • Rehabilitation for the Unstable Shoulder (Adam Olsen, ATC)


  • $225 Regular Registration  
  • $199 Regular PBCS Member 
  • $199 Early Bird Registration  
  • $179 Early Bird PBCS Member  

Registration includes a lunch and a wine & cheese reception on Saturday and brunch on Sunday.

The early bird rate is available until Friday, Oct. 26. For more information and to register, click here, call 1-800-842-3234 or email PostGrad@Logan.edu. 


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