Logan Alumna Benefits from Chiropractic Technique During Natural Labor

Central to the Logan University Doctor of Chiropractic Degree Program is the instruction of foundational chiropractic techniques. One of those techniques is the Logan Basic Technique, which is one of the lowest-force adjustive techniques that was developed by Logan University founder, H.B. Logan, DC. Logan Basic Technique places special emphasis on pelvic and spinal distortions which affect spinal structures and manages special conditions, such as scoliosis, pregnancy, pediatric care and acute and chronic spinal conditions.

A Logan alumna recently shared a testimonial on the personal impact chiropractic and the Basic Technique had for her and her son:

"As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have used the Logan Basic and Webster Techniques in my practice to great success. I have always trusted the techniques, but I have never been more moved by it than when my son was born. 

At 29 hours of natural and unmedicated labor, a cervical check discovered that the baby had moved occiput posterior, despite having been occiput anterior until that point. Even though the birth center was holistic, our team was instantly concerned about the baby’s position and that it could prevent complete dilation and after 29 hours of labor, that I may not have the energy to push. They gave me an hour to see if it "resolved" on its own before medical intervention would be required. 

I then called my dear friend and colleague, SharonRose Samelak, DC, a December 2011 graduate of Logan, who had been treating me my whole pregnancy. She came to the hospital and performed the Logan Basic Technique. As she was holding the apex contact, my baby turned and my water broke. Instantly my labor progressed. I was able to transition, push and naturally deliver my son, Collin, within another three hours. 

I could not have done it without my chiropractor. Both Dr. Samelak and I have such an incredible story to share with our patients. In addition, the entire staff of the hospital and birth center could not stop talking about it. Even the birth center staff had been certain that I would end up with a Cesarean section, or at the very least with Pitocin/epidural. The doctors, nurses and staff all wanted to talk about the miracle that chiropractic had shown them that day.

I am eternally grateful for all that I learned. I have never been as personally moved by it until now. And as a bonus, here is the happy face of a baby born without drugs, who also received his first Basic adjustment from mommy the day he was born.”

Andrea Hoglen, DC
April 2011 Graduate

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  • Clarke C. Odden, DC

    11/17/2015 1:25:36 PM |

    Very happy for Mom and baby. I have been in practice 50 yrs and have had several instances of this and other wonderful  unexpected things take place with the use of Logan Basic. I'm glad it is still taught. Don't ever consider it as secondary or ancillary. Keep up the good work. !!


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