Kansas-based chiropractor Dr. Amber Beckley promotes holistic health through yoga

Yoga offers a host of physical and emotional benefits, and Logan University alumna Amber Beckley, DC (2011) is making it a little easier for her patients to hit the mat at her Topeka-based clinic Beckley Chiropractic. 

The clinic offers beginners classes designed for individuals who have been injured or are experiencing a lot of pain as well as gentler chair yoga and mat-based yoga classes. “Patients can take advantage before or after their appointments,” said Dr. Beckley, who also has experience as a yoga instructor. “We can orchestrate which classes patients go to depending on where they are in their health or treatment.”

The exercise feature was a natural extension of Dr. Beckley’s practice as she was already giving many patients yoga-based stretches and exercises to try at home. “I found myself telling a lot of patients about yoga classes in the community, so it just made sense to put in a studio here and hire a few instructors,” she said.

The initiative has not only resulted in growth for Dr. Beckley’s practice, but it has also made it easier for her team to manage patients’ overall health. “We don’t just focus on physical health,” she noted. “We also focus on emotional health and chemical stress. Yoga is a great way to promote general well-being.”

Dr. Beckley took over Beckley Chiropractic when her father David T. Beckley, DC (1982) retired. “I was always intrigued by what he did for a living,” she said.

Today, the best part of her job is helping people heal and return to their lives. When one patient came in recently for general adjustments, she hugged and thanked Dr. Beckley with tears in her eyes. 

“She had never been able to watch her grandson play baseball because of how much pain she was in,” Dr. Beckley said. “He had been playing for five years and she hadn’t been able to go to a single game…until now.”


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