Dr. Engelson Completes Olympic Training Center Sports Medicine Rotation

Melissa Engelson, DC, MS, CSCS, DACBSP, ICCSP, recently completed a two-week sports medicine rotation at the flagship Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs. This was her third rotation overall, having also been to the Lake Placid OTC and the Chula Vista location, which is now classified as a training site. 

Dr. Engelson had the opportunity to provide chiropractic care to Olympic- and Paralympic-caliber athletes and hopefuls, as well as work in an interdisciplinary setting alongside full-time OTC staff. They included chiropractors, physical therapists, athletic trainers and exercise physiologists. 

Serving at the main OTC were three other sports medicine volunteers—a chiropractor from Utah, a local athletic trainer and a medical doctor from South Carolina. In addition to clinic responsibilities, Dr. Engelson was assigned to practice coverage for track cycling, men’s gymnastics, boxing, and men’s and women’s freestyle wrestling, and men’s Greco Roman wrestling. 

Dr. Engelson commented that these rotations allowed for a “wonderful chance to sharpen my clinical and emergency care skills and knowledge in one of the most elite locations for sports medicine.”


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