Chiropractic care grants patient her independence

Dr. Ross Mattox with patient Rowena Jones.

Rowena Jones knew chiropractic care could work wonders for her acute lower back pain, but her insurance wouldn’t cover the visits. By the time she got divorced and lost insurance altogether, she had been unemployed for six years, and her pain was steadily worsening. “It got to the point where it was difficult for me to do simple tasks like wash the dishes, walk up and down the stairs and carry my groceries,” Jones said. “My quality of life had deteriorated.”

A run-in with a neighbor at a local grocery store earlier this spring set the 73-year-old Jones on the path to healing. Upon learning about Jones’ pain, the neighbor told her about Logan’s Integrated Health Center at Myrtle Hilliard Davis Comprehensive Health Center (MHDCHC) and left a card with information on Jones’ car. “I made an appointment right away, and since then my life has been going upward bound,” Jones noted.

Jones experienced tremendous improvement after only a few weeks of treatment with Ross Mattox, DC (2007), the clinician in charge of Logan’s integrated health center at MHDCHC. Jones can now get up and down the stairs and stand up without assistance.

Slowly, as the pain recedes, she’s regaining her independence. “Chiropractic has given me my life back, and I’m now able to care for myself,” she said. “Before, I wasn’t able to stand for long. Even doing dishes, I couldn’t stand at the sink. I wondered if I was going to be forced to use a walker, and people were sometimes stopping me in stores asking me if I needed home health care.”

The chiropractic adjustments were an important starting point in reestablishing Jones’ quality of life, but it was the ripple effect of positive lifestyle changes that led to true healing.

Like so many chiropractic success stories, empowering Rowena to improve her diet and start moving more were critical to her progress. “When Rowena first came to us, things had been going downhill for a while,” Dr. Mattox said. “There’s not one magic adjustment we can do to change all of that, but because she’s been doing the things we advise her to do outside the treatment room, she’s been getting better.”

Hundreds of underinsured and uninsured patients experience pain relief at the hands of Dr. Mattox and his team at MHDCHC. But it’s not just the patients who benefit; the clinic is also an invaluable training ground for the next generation of chiropractors as they treat pain in an integrated setting alongside general practitioners, behavioral health care professionals and other providers.

“We’re not just seeing your typical low back pain cases,” Dr. Mattox said. “It’s typically a lot more involved, and students get to realize that our job as chiropractors goes beyond the physical. The mind has so much to do with chronic pain, so a person’s mental attitude is critical on the path to wellness.”

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  • Martha Kaeser

    8/28/2017 7:07:11 AM |

    What a great story!  Emphasizing not only passive care (the chiropractic adjustment) but active care (lifestyle modifications) and patient education as well, are such great components of what you are doing and the difference you are making!  


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