ACES Workshop teaches high school students about anatomy and health sciences

St. Louis area high school students learned about anatomy and health sciences during Logan’s first summer science workshop ACES (Anatomy Centered Education and Science). 

The program used hands-on activities and lecture presentations to educate students on physical anatomy and body systems, in addition to health, wellness and prevention information.  

Throughout the week, the students―each with aspirations to go into health sciences or the medical field―were exposed to Logan professors, courses and facilities, which included the cadaver lab where they observed and participated in activities. The small group setting made the interactive experience between the professors and students possible as participants were able to express interests in different activities. 

Grace Deister, an incoming junior at Eureka High School, was particularly interested in the cadaver lab. “It seems like a great opportunity to get practice if you want to go into the medical field,” she said. 

Robert Davidson, PhD, program director for Nutrition and Human Performance at Logan, spent time educating students on body composition and the impact of diet through a DEXA machine, a low-dose X-ray that measures bone density and fat tissue. Students also learned about dieting and nutrition from Logan faculty member Eric Park, PhD, who discussed the complexities of nutrition and proportions through an interactive assignment. 

“I always knew I wanted to go into the medical field but didn’t know all the choices out there,” said Jackson Klump, an incoming senior at Oakville High School. “After this week’s activities, I’ve been able to identify and narrow down all the possibilities of jobs I could go into.”

2017 ACES Workshop

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