Biomechanics of Golf

September 21, 2018 -- Doctors of Chiropractic recently had the opportunity to not only improve their own golf game, but also help their patients through advice and tips for injury prevention.

Earlier this month, Mike Murphy, DC (1995) visited Logan’s campus for a continuing education seminar on the “Biomechanics of Golf.” Dr. Murphy is currently the official NHL team chiropractor for the St. Louis Blues and previously served as the official NFL team chiropractor for the St. Louis Rams. He also practices at Performance Chiropractic in Chesterfield.

Dr. Murphy has a passion for golf and enjoys teaching others how to treat and prevent injuries that can result from the sport.  “I think anyone who golfs chases the dream of perfecting their game,” he said. “Perfecting your practice is what we are chasing.”

Dr. Murphy demonstrated golf swings and addressed common mistakes and proper form during the two-hour course. The biggest takeaway, he conveyed, was “practice makes permanent,” meaning the more you practice with improper motor patterns, the more you’ll develop a motor pattern for something you’re doing incorrectly. 

“What we’re aiming for is a correct, repeat motor pattern,” he said, “as well as learning how to use your bigger muscles (not just your arms) for a proper golf swing.”

Rodney Small, DC, said he treats many college-level golfers at his practice, Access Health Care & Wellness in Nashville, Illinois. He attended the seminar to learn more about possible injuries from an improper swing and to pick up a few tips to improve his game. 

Father and son chiropractors, Drs. Howard and Jason Rowe, attended the event from Muscatine, Iowa. They said they enjoy attending Logan’s interactive, post-graduate presentations and looked forward to gaining valuable insight from Dr. Murphy as they treat their athletic patients.

For more information about Logan’s on-campus seminars, email or call 1-800-842-3234. 

Logan University Enters Affiliation Agreement with VA

September 20, 2018 -- Logan University has entered into an affiliation agreement with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Tennessee Valley Healthcare System (TVHS), wherein Logan clinicians and student interns will provide chiropractic care within TVHS. The goal of this partnership is to enhance patient care, education and research opportunities for both institutions. 

TVHS is an integrated health care system comprised of two main medical centers – the Alvin C. York Campus in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, and the Nashville Campus in Nashville, Tennessee – as well as 14 community-based outpatient clinics in Tennessee and two in Kentucky.

TVHS is one of 18 flagship sites within the VA piloting a systematic change called Whole Health. This program takes a patient-centered holistic approach to health care and equips veterans to take charge of their health and well-being via self-empowerment, self-care and clinical treatment. Whole Health Clinical Care is provided by clinicians – such as primary care physicians, chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists and other health care practitioners – who incorporate complementary and integrative health approaches into the veteran’s personal health plan. 

Jason Cook, DC, 2004 graduate of Logan University, serves as the chief of chiropractic services for TVHS, primarily treating patients at the Murfreesboro campus. Craig Anderson, DC, 1997 graduate of Logan University, provides chiropractic care at TVHS’ Clarksville, Tennessee, clinic. Currently, TVHS offers chiropractic services at four of its locations, with plans to hire additional chiropractors within the health care system as it expands its footprint.

“In order to build the Whole Health program, we wanted to partner with a chiropractic college to begin student rotations throughout the clinics and train students on the Whole Health model of care,” said Dr. Cook. “We’re very excited to partner with Logan.”

The pilot program will begin in January 2019 involving a single Logan preceptor, with the goal to offer this preceptorship experience to more students in the future.

Jason Goodman, DC, senior clinician who facilitates the preceptorship program at Logan, says the relationship with the Tennessee Valley Healthcare System creates an opportunity for Logan University interns to experience a truly integrative practice setting. “Allowing our students to work alongside chiropractors, nurse practitioners and doctors of physical therapy will transform how the student looks at health care in the future,” he said.

Patient Success Story: Antoinette Griffin

September 20, 2018 -- As the opioid epidemic continues to grow, chiropractic is making a difference right here in St. Louis. At Logan’s chiropractic clinic at CareSTL Health, Ross Mattox, DC, RMSK and his team of student interns have seen countless patients suffering from pain who could easily end up hooked on opioids, but instead find non-pharmacologic relief from chiropractic. Usually, with just a few treatments, they regain their quality of life. 

One such patient is 56-year-old Antoinette Griffin. About a year ago, Antoinette was suffering from pain in her back, hips and shoulder. Unable to lift her dominant arm above her head, she was limited in her normal daily activities. She initially wanted a prescription for pain medications, but when she found her primary care provider’s schedule booked, she was referred to Dr. Mattox instead. Because Antoinette knew the downsides of taking medication to relieve muscle-based pain, she happily complied.  

“I was a mess, but I can now lift my hand over my head, and the pain in my shoulder and hip has subsided,” Antoinette says. “I like that chiropractic teaches you to move your body without hurting yourself and it offers great relief. I was very pleased with the results I got without medication.”

Logan University Leads Chiropractic Care for The University of Memphis

September 13, 2018 -- Logan University and The University of Memphis (UofM) have teamed up for a new partnership wherein UofM student athletes now have access to on-site chiropractic care.

Representing Logan, Jude Miller, DC, MS, CCSP, CME, will serve as the team chiropractic physician at UofM. Student athletes attending UofM will have an opportunity to receive quality chiropractic care while Logan Doctor of Chiropractic students―working under the supervision of Dr. Miller―will have opportunities to complete rotations, assisting with chiropractic care as well as soft tissue work, dry needling, kinesio taping and laser therapy.

“We are honored to be working with the Memphis Tigers, who are known to be an elite group of athletes,” said Vincent DeBono, DC, Dean of the College of Chiropractic at Logan. “I think this partnership demonstrates the confidence UofM leaders have in our capabilities to augment the already great care its athletes receive with chiropractic care to enhance performance as well as treat and prevent injuries.”

The UofM becomes the fourth higher education institution―among the University of Missouri in Columbia, Southern Illinois University – Edwardsville, and Harris Stowe State University―to partner with Logan for the purpose of providing chiropractic care to student athletes. In turn, these partnerships provide Logan students with opportunities to advance the profession and become innovative leaders in health care.

“With the health and well-being of all student-athletes at the forefront of our daily responsibilities, I am thrilled to establish a relationship with Dr. Jude Miller and Logan University, said Darrell Turner, associate athletic director for sports medicine at UofM. “This relationship gives us access to a highly-trained medical professional. We now have the ability to increase the level of care our sports medicine team can provide to our student-athletes on a daily basis.”

Dr. Miller said he, too, is thrilled to be stepping into this newly created position with Logan and UofM. “I’m excited to be part of the Logan family again, helping to shape the future leaders of the profession,” he said. “The more we put chiropractic in the spotlight at the collegiate and national levels, the more it validates our role in sports medicine and how we can work in collaborative, multi-disciplinary environments.”

A native of east Tennessee, Dr. Miller graduated from Logan in 2011 with his Doctor of Chiropractic and Master’s Degree in Sports Science & Rehabilitation. Most recently, he treated patients at Active Family & Sports Chiropractic near Knoxville, which he managed with his wife and fellow Logan graduate (2011) Holly Tucker, DC, MPH, CHES, FASA.

While managing the practice, Dr. Miller also worked at Roane State Community College, serving as the team chiropractic physician for the athletic program and an adjunct faculty member.

Dr. Miller will be based at the Larry O. Finch Center, working with UofM athletic trainers, non-surgical and surgical orthopedists as well as internal medicine specialists. He will be available to all UofM student athletes as needed and present on the sidelines at select home games.