“The Defamation Experience” Performance Encourages Dialogue on Diversity

September 19, 2019 -- This week, Logan University presented an interactive diversity program called “The Defamation Experience,” wherein issues of race, religion, ethnicity, gender and class were addressed through a mock courtroom trial.

The trial centered around an African American female business owner suing a wealthy Jewish North Shore real estate developer for defamation. The business owner had to prove that the real estate developer had made a false accusation and that it had caused her financial damages.

Students, faculty and staff who attended had the opportunity to be the jury and participate in the deliberations and post-show discussion, all designed to encourage greater tolerance and understanding. 

Logan’s Chief of Compliance and Engagement Herbert Caldwell, who helped bring The Defamation Experience to Logan along with Student Affairs and Human Resources, said he strives to create opportunities that encourage people to think about, and have dialogues on, diversity, equity and inclusion.


Part of that, he said, is helping bring various platforms to Logan that address the sometimes complex issues that arise in society as well as in higher education.


“It is the mission of Logan University to be a diverse and engaging community that produces leaders in health and wellness,” he said “As leaders, we should be armed with the mindset and tools to be able to navigate with civility both our professional and personal experiences with those who may differ from us in background, ideology, gender, ability, race, religion, political view and any other way.”

Herbert hopes the event will serve as a springboard for the Logan community to have thoughtful conversation around topics that are often difficult to talk about. 


Logan Hosted St. Louis Area Title IX Coordinators Roundtable

January 24, 2019 -- On January 17, 2019, Logan University hosted the St. Louis Area Title IX Coordinators Roundtable. The roundtable is comprised of professionals from colleges and universities throughout the region who meet quarterly to discuss pertinent issues related to Title IX, which is the law that prohibits exclusion and discrimination based on sex. Attorneys Kate Nash and Veronica Potter presented an overview and facilitated discussion on the new proposed government regulations that may impact policy and procedure for how schools process allegations of sexual misconduct.

There were about 32 attendees total, including 10 Logan representatives.

“Hosting the roundtable for the first time was a privilege, as it provides an opportunity to exchange ideas and be current with best practices for Title IX,” said Herb Caldwell, Logan’s diversity compliance officer and Title IX coordinator. “Sexual misconduct and discrimination should not be tolerated, and Logan University is committed to continuing our efforts to provide a safe community for students, employees, visitors and guests.”

Pictured from left to right, the following Logan University staff attended the roundtable:

Marianne Peacock, Academic Success Coach

Stephani Bagby, Finance Office Manager

Nichole Nichols, Director of Human Resources

Dr. Karen Dishauzi, Assistant Dean of Student Success

Herb Caldwell, Diversity Compliance Officer

Kate Nash, Attorney at Tueth Keeney

Veronica Potter, Attorney at Tueth Keeney

Jennifer Starks, Student Care Manager

Adil Khan, CFO/VP for Administrative Services

Dr. Shelley Sawalich, Dean of Students

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