Logan University sponsors the Roberto Clemente Sports Chiropractic Award

Logan University sponsors the prestigious Roberto Clemente Sports Chiropractic Award given biannually by FICS and the FICS Foundation. This award honors the life and work of Roberto Clemente, one of baseball’s greatest players, who was also an outstanding philanthropist and a strong advocate for the chiropractic profession. The award is given to a doctor of chiropractic who has demonstrated outstanding voluntary service in the field of sports chiropractic.

Congratulations to 2017 winner Philip T. Santiago, DC! Dr. Santiago is pictured on the left with his award and Roberto Clemente Jr.

Logan's website named "Best University Website" by the Web Marketing Association

The Web Marketing Association recently announced the results of their 2017 Internet Advertising Competition Awards and Logan University won the award for Best University Website in 2017.

After being nominated, Logan's website competed head-to-head with other university websites and was deemed the best by excelling in the following categories:

- Creativity
- Innovation
- Copywriting
- Impact
- Design
- Use of the medium
- Memorability

Previously, Logan won the University of Standard Excellence Award in 2014 for its old website design. Logan's new redesigned website launched on January 17th, 2017 with the help of VIVIDSITES.

Logan graduate Dr. Josh Akin, team chiropractor for the Chicago Cubs, discusses chiropractic and winning the World Series

In a recent issue of The Tower, December 2006 Logan Doctor of Chiropractic graduate Josh Akin, DC, spoke about his career as the team chiropractor for the Chicago Bears and the Chicago Cubs as well as being the founder and clinical director of Chicago Chiropractic & Sports Medicine. 

In honor of the beginning of the 2017 MLB season, Dr. Akin spoke about his experience working with the Cubs during their World Series victory and what he looks forward to this season.

Last Fall, the Chicago Cubs ended the season as World Series Champions. What was it like to be a part of a team that made sports history?

"It was an amazing experience to say the least. While, I am not on the road for the regular season, I traveled to the away games in the playoffs. The atmosphere in the stadiums, both home and road, was unreal and I feel so fortunate to have been able to experience it from that perspective. 

Game 7 was what seemed like an entire playoff run all in that one night. To see the whole year of work, for everyone involved, come down to that level of drama was seemingly fitting and thankfully we came out on the right side. I saw the game from the stands, in the first handful of innings, and then the clubhouse and the level of excitement, was like nothing I had been part of prior."

How is chiropractic care a critical tool for injury prevention and performance improvement?

"As far as “care,” the biggest thing to address is the volume increase that time of year. Nothing is different in terms of treatment approach, however it is important to stay proactive with tools to help the players ahead of anything as the volume of games reaches such a high level. The full-time staff does an amazing job utilizing all of our tools (cryotherapy chambers, hyperbaric chambers, sensory deprivation tanks, etc. as well as all hands-on) I just truly try to be available if necessary. "

As the 2017 baseball season officially opens, what are the top three goals for keeping the Cubs in top condition?

"In returning for this season, I think with the shorter off-season it is most important to get into a routine of body maintenance for these guys. Compared to some years, this off-season, was up to 6 to 7 weeks shorter so making sure we are heading into 2017 as prepared as possible. We utilize the same proactive thinking process that I do in the clinic. The more we can screen, assess and hopefully catch to work on prior to any injury occurring is the absolute key. We will always have to deal with the unforeseen but the better we can prepare that player to tolerate the next season and its demand, ideally the fewer issues that will arise. "

Learn more about how you can become a chiropractor and work with athletes.

What can I do with a degree in Health Informatics?

Health informatics is a rapidly changing field where its professionals improve health care by harnessing the wealth of information that spans the patient continuum of care. Multiple disciplines, such as business and technology, intersect with healthcare in this field.

What kind of jobs are available to students who earn an online Master of Science degree in Health Informatics?

Depending on previous work experiences, graduates may pursue careers as:

Systems analysts
Implementation specialists
IT project analysts
IT project managers
Clinical analysts
Clinical informatics managers
Consultants, trainers & sales for HIT vendors/consultants
Educators (academia)
Business analysts

While there is no guarantee that a graduate will be able to secure a job in the health information technology industry immediately after graduation, they will be positioned to lead the growing and evolving health care landscape.

To learn more about a Master of Science degree in Health Informatics, click here to request information or contact Admissions@logan.edu.

What can I do with a Doctorate in Health Professions Education?

Logan University offers an online Doctorate in Health Professions Education (DHPE) program which is focused on advancing health care through the education process. This online program is an ideal fit for individuals who want to deliver effective education to students, patients or clients.

Whether you're a health care professional hoping to transfer into the classroom, or simply a professional interested in improving your educational techniques with a variety of audiences, the DHPE program gives graduates the latest proven techniques designed to improve learning outcomes. 

The primary goal of the DHPE program is to provide professionals with a foundation in education principles and best practices in order to improve their teaching methods and techniques. The program is designed to give health care professionals an opportunity to develop skills as quality educators.

Request information or visit the DHPE page to learn more.

Logan graduate Dr. Justin Goehl leads Primary Spine Care at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

Justin Goehl (2011 DC graduate and 2012 MS graduate) has become the first chiropractor at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, New Hampshire’s only academic medical center which is affiliated with the fourth oldest medical school in the country. 

“For a long time, I was just winding and finding my way through the chiropractic profession,” said Dr. Goehl, who started in January and also serves as a Clinical Assistant Professor at Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth College. “I’m now in what I consider to be my dream job with unlimited potential for growth.”

Dr. Goehl is responsible for helping create the Primary Spine Care program within The Center for Integrative Medicine embedded in the Department of Community and Family Medicine. The program offers an innovative approach to treating and triaging spine-related disorders with a focus on cost-effective, evidence-based, patient-centered outcomes.

In addition to treating patients, Dr. Goehl will identify research opportunities, especially in the area of comparing primary spine care to traditional spine care models for patient outcomes, cost and patient satisfaction. “This is just the first stepping stone of a bigger movement in integrative medicine. There are a lot of providers who are interested in this model and my goal is to help grow it,” he said. 

After earning his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Logan, Dr. Goehl graduated from the Veterans Administration residency program in Los Angeles, which he said was a career game changer. 

“It changed the way I perceived health care, chiropractic and the ability to create an integrated approach to care,” said Dr. Goehl. “Looking back, I am lucky to have been selected because the experience completely changed the trajectory of my career and where I could take my DC degree.”

It was through the VA that Dr. Goehl completed both a residency and six-month fellowship in primary spine care at Southern California University of Health Sciences. That experience made him a prime candidate for the new position at Dartmouth-Hitchcock. 

“Hiring a Doctor of Chiropractic has been a vision of the Center’s leadership for many years,” Dr. Goehl said. “It’s very exciting to be working with the college and primary care providers that have never had a chiropractor in their organization, let alone working side by side on their team.” 

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