Sports Chiropractors Get a Win in Congress

October 16, 2018 -- In early October, Congress approved legislation that protects chiropractors who travel with sports teams. Whereas previously, jurisdictional issues left chiropractors who crossed state lines to care for athletes uncovered by their medical malpractice insurance, clinicians now can travel with teams worry-free.

The Sports Medicine Licensure Clarity Act of 2018 was included in a H.R. 302, an unrelated piece of legislation that passed the Senate on Oct. 3 and was signed by the President two days later.  It ensures chiropractors that their license and liability insurance remain in effect across all states. This removes an enormous burden of legal and financial risk sports chiropractors faced in the past.

Lobbyists and volunteers with the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) worked closely with government officials to ensure that the bill’s final language included Doctors of Chiropractic. “This legislation not only protects chiropractors and other health professionals who travel with sports teams, it also ensures consistency of care for the athletes who rely on them,” said ACA President N. Ray Tuck, Jr., DC in a statement released by the ACA.

Chiropractic’s role in keeping athletes healthy and performing at their best is being increasingly recognized. In addition to a new partnership with the University of Memphis, Logan University also provides chiropractic care to athletes at the University of Missouri in Columbia and Harris-Stowe State University in St. Louis.

“This is a very good thing,” said Logan University President Clay McDonald, DC, MBA, JD. “Chiropractors are an essential element of care for so many athletes and shouldn’t have to take on an undue amount of risk to provide the care needed to keep athletes safe.”

Preceptor Program: Dr. Dalton Wood

October 15, 2018 -- Logan University’s Preceptor Program allows students to leave campus during their final trimester of studies to work in a clinical atmosphere and gain real-world experience. Logan works with students to identify valuable practice opportunities that are suited to each student’s interests. Meet Dalton Wood, DC (2018), who completed his preceptorship at a practice in Tennessee.

“We live in an increasingly progressive society where health care trends are taking a turn from traditional medicine toward a more innovative approach to patient care and treatment,” said Dr. Wood. “The body can heal itself naturally. That’s why I fell in love with chiropractic.”

During his three years at Logan University, Dr. Wood’s deep-rooted passion for combining chiropractic and rehabilitation was further enhanced through a variety of clubs and organizations―including Motion Palpation Institute and Rehab 2 Performance―where he was given hands-on experience with functional medicine.

When looking for a preceptorship, Dr. Wood knew he wanted to work under someone with similar beliefs about chiropractic and the future of the profession. “My clinician, Dr. Jason Goodman, knew what kind of doctor I wanted to be and helped me find the right fit.”

Dr. Goodman recommended Southern Chiropractic and Acupuncture, a progressive practice owned by Krista Martin, DC (2010), FASA and Brock Martin, DC (2010), FASA in the small town of Huntington, Tennessee.

“Krista and Brock have molded their practice around high-quality, evidence-based treatment, with a focus on chiropractic in tandem with acupuncture,” said Dr. Wood. “I knew within a few days of shadowing them that I wanted to learn from them.”

It wasn’t long before Dr. Wood was examining new patients, which quickly turned into hands-on treatment. Specifically, he designed rehab programs for athletes using techniques he had learned at Logan.

“One of my athletes was experiencing chronic back pain on the basketball court, and nothing he tried had helped,” said Dr. Wood. “I revised his treatment plan and began implementing various rehab techniques that strengthened his back and core. It was super rewarding to watch him get stronger week-by-week and watch his pain slowly slip away.”

Also on the agenda for Dr. Wood’s preceptorship was training in acupuncture treatment techniques―something he had neither experienced nor tried with his own hands prior to his experience at Southern Chiropractic.

Dr. Wood’s goal for the future is to open a practice with his girlfriend, Kristen Zumberger, DC (2017), where together they can advance chiropractic in the community, much like what he experienced during his preceptorship.

“You see a lot of chiropractors who join boards or chambers in their communities―but the Martins don’t just participate as individuals in their city, they immerse the clinic as a whole,” said Dr. Wood. “The pair has woven together their passions for chiropractic, acupuncture and serving others in such harmony―and their patients reap the benefits, which is the ultimate goal. I hope one day Kristen and I can do the same.”