Career Development Center

The purpose of Logan’s Career Development Center is to assist upcoming graduates in identifying and obtaining professional employment. The Career Development Center has two primary objectives in assisting our students and alumni with their success; first, to assist them in making informed decisions about their future employment opportunities and second, to provide employment options for their initial professional employment.

Clinic Visits

Linda Kenny, director of career development, chaperons hiring doctors to Logan’s three outpatient health centers, where they can share their employment and preceptorship opportunities with the Trimester 8, 9 and 10 students, collect resumes from interested students and interview candidates. Clinic Visits generally take place once a month and the day and date varies each month. The Clinic Visits are promoted to the students prior to the Clinic Visit, so they can be prepared to interview. If you are interested in participating in a Clinic Visit please contact Linda Kenny, to schedule a visit. 

Doctors participating in the Clinic Visit Program are subject to a background check and licensure verification. Doctors are not allowed to sell or promote any goods or services during the Clinic Visits. 

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Classified Ads

The Classifieds publication is a free service provided by Logan University's Career Development Center for the posting of employment opportunities and equipment for sale.

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