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#LeadersMade: Tiffany Stageman

Tiffany Stageman is a professional equestrian and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Life Science through Logan’s online degree program.

A native of St. Louis, Tiffany moved to California in January 2018. When the Woolsey and Hill fires broke out in Southern California last fall, Tiffany jumped at the chance to help her community. With her coworkers at Elvenstar Farm in Moorpark, California, she got to work evacuating endangered horses.

“The fires started the afternoon of November 8,” she recalled. “I had just returned from a six-week-long work trip two days prior, so I was exhausted, but the adrenaline kicked in. My coworkers and I worked throughout the night of the 8th and into the 9th and 10th. We spent about 40 straight hours hauling horses from burn areas to safety.

“While evacuating, we had to work diligently and swiftly, so there wasn’t a lot of time to take in the surroundings,” she said. “Our adrenaline was pumping to get horses on trailers and to safety.”

Tiffany and her co-workers saved about 75 horses. While the rescued horses were housed at Elvenstar Farm, she and her staff fed them and cleaned their stalls. Some horses stayed at the facility for a few weeks because their original facilities were destroyed, but today, all of the horses are back with their owners.

Tiffany’s passion for horses is the reason she is studying at Logan. “Eventually, I want to get more in depth with chiropractic, particularly with equines, as that is what I work with daily,” she said. “Chiropractic care does wonders for both humans and equines, and someday I hope to be able to educate others on that as well.”