Lisa Sheldon, MS, M.Ed

Ms. Sheldon holds graduate degrees in Community Nutrition from the University of Massachusetts and in Adult Education from the University of Arkansas. Her undergraduate degree is in Secondary Education from the University at Albany, NY.  She has completed four years of PhD coursework in public health with a concentration in health education and communications.


She has authored per-reviewed articles in nutrition and education, conducted conferences workshops on advisement and distance education. She has written extensively for the lay audience on nutrition and wellness as a newspaper columnist and restaurant reviewer. She is the author of Olive Oil Baking (Turner Publishing, 2007).


For more than a decade she has been teaching college courses in nutrition, wellness, and public health and has conducted research about the impact of nutrition education classes on students at the community college level. Ms. Sheldon’s research interests include; nutrition and health communications, the use of motivational interviewing in health care and educational settings, and distance education and faculty development. Her current research projects include looking at how specific learner-centered distance education advisement can lead to better academic outcomes and retention in health education.


In her free time, Ms. Sheldon is an avid runner and cyclist living in Colorado.

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