Student Experience at Logan University

Student Experience

At Logan University, students receive extensive clinical training through the Logan University Health Centers.

Student doctors and residents, under direct supervision of our teaching clinicians, are well-trained in chiropractic techniques. Patients receive chiropractic care for conditions that range from back and neck problems to complaints of headache, allergies, injuries and a variety of conditions affecting the quality of life. More than 65,000 patient visits are recorded annually at Logan’s health centers.

In Trimester 7, students enter into the Student Health Center where they begin their journey to treat patients. Here they treat other students and student family members under the supervision of faculty clinicians who guide students through the process of treating patients.

In Trimester 8, students enter one of Logan’s three outpatient Health Centers. This is where students become student doctors and treat members of the public under the supervision of faculty clinicians. The Health Center practicum is a one-year course which exposes students to a large variety of patient encounters and cases.

Student doctors will also participate in rotations at a variety of Health Centers offering chiropractic care to diverse populations including veterans, the physically disabled and the homeless and underinsured populations. Logan continues to build relationships and expand the opportunities for student doctors.

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