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Forever Chiropractic, Forever Logan

Join a group of leadership donors interested in building and sustaining Logan University and the future of chiropractic.


Forever Chiropractic, Forever Logan

Join a group of leadership donors interested in building and sustaining Logan University and the future of chiropractic.

What Is Forever Logan?

When you support the Forever Logan campaign, half of your gift goes to immediate scholarships while the other half is allocated for scholarship endowments. By giving today’s students access to a diverse and enriching learning environment, you are helping the people who will one day benefit from their care. With your support, we’ll continue to attract high-potential students who may lack the resources to earn a higher education.

Forever Logan connects people who have been enriched by chiropractic with those who will leave our campus with a brighter future. By committing $1,000 or more annually for the next five years, you make a Logan that lasts forever a possibility. Won’t you help us push the boundaries? When you make a difference in the lives of our students, you change lives around the world.

Students walking through campus while talking.

How Will My Commitment Help?

Every person has the opportunity to make an impact. And every gift has the potential to change lives. For example, if you give $10,000 to the Forever Chiropractic, Forever Logan Scholarship over the next five years, your annual gift will provide $1,000 in student scholarships this year and $1,000 to the scholarship endowment. At the fulfillment of your pledge, $5,000 will have been awarded in scholarships and $5,000 will be added to the endowment. Along with the interest it generates, the endowed portion of your gift will continue to fund chiropractic scholarships at Logan for generations to come.

Arlan Fuhr.

Arlan Fuhr, DC

September 1961 Logan Graduate
Chair of the Forever Logan campaign

“I wanted to do something to make an impact on the chiropractic profession as well as the future generation of chiropractors at Logan. That’s why I’ve committed to giving $5,000 a year for 10 years. It allows me to leave something behind that will never cease.”

Amari Kimble

Amari Kimble

Logan University Student
Memphis, TN

“Having a head start on not having to take out so many loans or paying as much back when I finish allows me to focus on what really matters—giving back to the community and patients. I’m so thankful for the donors who’ve helped make my education possible.”

Brian Snyder.

Brian Snyder, DC

Logan University Faculty

“Ensuring the financial soundness of Logan enables us to maintain our status as a leading institution and provide quality degree programs that fuel the success of our graduates as well as those they serve.”

Dr. McDonald.

A Letter From President McDonald

You’ve built Logan into the institution it is today. With your support, we’ve grown … our alumni population is 11,000 strong, our academic degree offerings have doubled in the past five years and our health centers host more than 65,000 patient visits each year.

We’ve achieved … our global partnerships have taken our students and faculty all over the world – from Italy where we treated athletes participating in the World Sports Game to the Dominican Republic where we provided chiropractic care to underprivileged patients.

We’ve inspired … the patients, athletes and communities we serve see firsthand the benefit of our care to improve human health and maximize performance, whether it’s enabling a wheelchair-bound individual to snow ski or helping a patient walk pain-free across a room.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, our history is rich with accomplishment and now we need to ensure that Logan generates even more achievement in the future. This is especially true as the world of health care is changing.

We face great responsibility in training and educating our students to provide quality, affordable, patient-centered care in an integrated environment. It is imperative that we maintain our financial well-being to serve as the stewards of health care education into the next century. While the larger health care community demands that we keep pace with the evolving health care system, our fund must be able to support the chiropractic practitioners of tomorrow who should not shoulder the ever-increasing costs of education alone.

Scholarship is and remains the cornerstone of Logan’s future as we celebrate our successes and strive for significance in providing academic excellence.