College of Chiropractic Commencement Ceremony

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Hannah Werth

Admissions Coordinator|Office: 283

Hi! I am an Admissions Coordinator for the College of Health Sciences and work with students on the East Coast. I moved to St. Louis right after I was married and graduated in May 2019. I graduated from Liberty University with a bachelor’s degree in industrial organization psychology, and I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Health Informatics here at Logan! My husband is in the Doctor of Chiropractic program and will graduate in December 2021. We are hoping to use our skills that we build here at Logan to impact the lives of many! Logan is special for many reasons, but one of the best things is the vast amount of resources available for students and staff alike. Logan works hard to ensure that students can be successful as soon as they enter a program and always have help along the way!

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