Thanksgiving Break Special Hours

Please be aware of the special hours and closures for Thanksgiving Break:

Wednesday, November 25
Charlie’s Grab n’ Go: Closed
Logan Café: Open until 11am
Wellness Center: Open until 4pm
Learning Resources Center: Open until 5pm

Thursday, November 26-Sunday, November 29
The Bookstore, Café, Charlie’s Grab n’ Go, Health Centers, Learning Resources Center and Wellness Center are all closed over the four day holiday weekend.

Please have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!

Logan Alumna Benefits from Chiropractic Technique During Natural Labor

Central to the Logan University Doctor of Chiropractic Degree Program is the instruction of foundational chiropractic techniques. One of those techniques is the Logan Basic Technique, which is one of the lowest-force adjustive techniques that was developed by Logan University founder, H.B. Logan, DC. Logan Basic Technique places special emphasis on pelvic and spinal distortions which affect spinal structures and manages special conditions, such as scoliosis, pregnancy, pediatric care and acute and chronic spinal conditions.

A Logan alumna recently shared a testimonial on the personal impact chiropractic and the Basic Technique had for her and her son:

"As a Doctor of Chiropractic, I have used the Logan Basic and Webster Techniques in my practice to great success. I have always trusted the techniques, but I have never been more moved by it than when my son was born. 

At 29 hours of natural and unmedicated labor, a cervical check discovered that the baby had moved occiput posterior, despite having been occiput anterior until that point. Even though the birth center was holistic, our team was instantly concerned about the baby’s position and that it could prevent complete dilation and after 29 hours of labor, that I may not have the energy to push. They gave me an hour to see if it "resolved" on its own before medical intervention would be required. 

I then called my dear friend and colleague, SharonRose Samelak, DC, a December 2011 graduate of Logan, who had been treating me my whole pregnancy. She came to the hospital and performed the Logan Basic Technique. As she was holding the apex contact, my baby turned and my water broke. Instantly my labor progressed. I was able to transition, push and naturally deliver my son, Collin, within another three hours. 

I could not have done it without my chiropractor. Both Dr. Samelak and I have such an incredible story to share with our patients. In addition, the entire staff of the hospital and birth center could not stop talking about it. Even the birth center staff had been certain that I would end up with a Cesarean section, or at the very least with Pitocin/epidural. The doctors, nurses and staff all wanted to talk about the miracle that chiropractic had shown them that day.

I am eternally grateful for all that I learned. I have never been as personally moved by it until now. And as a bonus, here is the happy face of a baby born without drugs, who also received his first Basic adjustment from mommy the day he was born.”

Andrea Hoglen, DC
April 2011 Graduate

Welcome DeShae Redden to Logan!

Please welcome DeShae Redden, MA to Logan! She will serve in the Strategic Performance Department as Logan’s Continuous Improvement Coach. 
As you may know, one of Logan’s values is to maximize performance in others and ourselves. As Logan’s first Continuous Improvement Coach, DeShae will be key to coaching and mentoring various departments on their continuous improvement journey. Deshae has over 9 years of continuous improvement experience in higher education and healthcare systems settings. We look forward to her coaching Logan into improvement and adopting best practices!

Breakfast with Santa - December 5th

Join us for breakfast and a visit from Santa on Saturday, December 5th from 9am to 11am in the Student Center. There will be arts and crafts, a chance for children to put their Christmas list in the Wishlist Box and a picture with Santa.

This event is free and open to the whole family!

Please RSVP by December 1st with how many children and adults will be attending to

Logan University's Chiropractic Care at Paraquad

Learn more about Logan's relationship with Paraquad and the chiropractic care received by those with disabilities.


Veterans Find Path to Chiropractic Through Service

For Trimester 2/3 student Christopher Ruppel, chiropractic was never part of his plan—that is, until his two tours to Iraq in 2007 and 2008. While there, the medical interactions he had with local Iraqi children opened his eyes to the options in health care and gave him a sense of purpose and fulfillment unlike anything he had experienced before.

“If you would have told me I was going to be anything other than a soldier when I was in high school, I would have most definitely laughed at you,” Christopher said.

And a soldier he was. Christopher spent seven years in the United States Army with the Recon Sniper section. In his two tours to Iraq, he went on 87 convoy logistic patrol missions and four reconnaissance and surveillance missions. He received multiple awards, including the Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal, Combat Infantry Badge, National Defense Service Medal, Global War on Terrorism Service Medal and many others. In addition to his time spent in Iraq, he was also a combat lifesaver and was certified in land mine detection, counterterrorism and advanced ground fighting tactics.

Now, as a student of chiropractic, he is still dealing with the effects of combat. While in Iraq, Christopher was involved in nine improvised explosive device attacks. Previous injuries from these blasts are currently causing severe, chronic migraines, for which he must miss several days of class.

As a result, Christopher is currently in a split trimester and is thankful that Logan faculty and Sandy Periello, associate dean of student affairs, have been so accommodating and understanding. At the same time, Christopher is dedicated to serving his profession and is a member of the Student American Chiropractic Association (SACA) and the American Chiropractic Association (ACA) in addition to serving as Education Coordinator.

Christopher isn’t the only student at Logan in a split trimester due to challenges as a veteran. For Trimester 2/3 student Samuel Durbin, his biggest challenge has been balancing all of his responsibilities, including school, work and family (he recently married and has two kids, ages three and six.)

“The candle only has so many ends that you can burn,” Samuel said. “It’s hard to figure out when to quit studying and go home to have a home life.”

Samuel joined the Air Force in March 2006 and worked as a police officer in San Antonio for six years. While stationed at the Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, he was deployed three times—once to Afghanistan in 2007 and twice to Iraq in 2009 and 2011. He also spent a year each in Korea and Italy before voluntarily separating from active duty in May 2014. He is currently in the Air Force Reserve and works one weekend a month and two weeks a year conducting combat arms training and maintenance at Scott Air Force Base near Belleville, Ill.

Like Christopher, Samuel became interested in chiropractic during active duty, but for a different reason. Samuel had painful back problems after his last deployment in 2011 and sought chiropractic to alleviate the issue.

“When you’re bouncing around in vehicles and carrying 50 to 100 pounds of gear and supplies all the time, it’s inevitable that you will have back pain,” Samuel said.

Realizing its benefits, he began his chiropractic studies at Logan in January 2015, and he hopes that his job in the reserves and his job in chiropractic can overlap at some point, whether he’s researching, practicing sports rehabilitation or working with veterans directly.

Christopher wrestled and played football and baseball in high school; he also played rugby in college. He, too, would love for his future career as a chiropractor to be sports related. However, he’s also considering working for the Department of Veterans Affairs for a few years while saving to open his own practice. Regardless, he’s excited for the opportunity to fulfill his desire to help others.

Both Christopher and Samuel are proud of their time in the military and thankful for the opportunities it has given and will continue to give them. Because of their service and because they were injured in Iraq, each of them receives full tuition coverage.

For Samuel, those injuries allow him to better empathize with his patients.