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Logan University’s Postgraduate Department is committed to bring a wide variety of seminars that meet state requirements, while at the same time, offering interesting and applicable seminar offerings, all at an affordable price. Continue your education with Logan!

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Logan University Alumni receive a 10% discount on seminar registrations (not applicable to already discounted programs or day-of registrations). Current students must pre-register through the Alumni and Friends House and day-of registrations will not be accepted.

*NOTE: The Pediatric Seminar scheduled for Saturday, April 8th and Sunday, April 9th has been cancelled.*

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  • Acupuncture - Basic: Multiple Dates

    Course Descriptions:
    The 100-Hour Acupuncture Certification course teaches history, philosophy and theories. The six session course is designed to prepare the attendee to successfully take and pass any required examinations for licensure. The sessions include the history, philosophy, theories, practical workshops, quizzes and a final examination all directed at achieving clinical and academic proficiency in the practice of acupuncture. Needles and sharps containers are available for purchase at the seminars.

    In Session #1, students are taught the history, basics and some advanced principles in preparation to begin the practice of acupuncture. An overview of the 14 main meridians, chi flow, energy clock and yin/yang, origin of acupuncture, body measurement, levels of treatment and a detailed explanation of the twelve kinds of acupuncture points and their exact functions, superficial cycle of chi flow and deep cycle of chi flow, the vital substances, identification of patterns, a detailed study of Lung Meridian Patterns and a detailed study of Large Intestine Meridian as well as an introduction to tongue diagnosis, pulse diagnosis, cupping and moxa are discussed.

    In Session #2, students will be introduced to press needles, tacks, magnets and pellets. In addition, an introduction to acupuncture for pain control, discusses acupuncture for sports injuries, five phase theory, introduction to electronic graphing and acupuncture for musculoskeletal conditions is discussed. Other topics include: stomach meridian patterns, diet, emotions, climate, Qi Deficiency, cold, Yin Deficiency and fire. In addition, a detailed study of the spleen meridian patterns and needling of each point and clean needle techniques are discussed.

    In Session #3, the following topics are discussed: heart meridian patterns, Qi Deficiency, Yang Deficiency, Yang Collapse, blood deficiency, Yin Deficiency, Fire Blazing, phlegm, blood stagnation, combinations and needling of each point. He also presents study of the Small Intestine Meridian, Special Effect Points, and conditions treatable. In addition, the 12 divergent channels, 15 connecting channels, and root 5 and branch theory are discussed. Lastly, the following topics are discussed: bladder meridian patterns, climate, emotions, excess sex, damp-heat, damp-cold, deficiency, combinations, kidney meridian patterns, hereditary weaknesses, chronic illness, overwork, premature aging, Qi Not Firm, failure to receive chi, loss of essence, combinations and needling.

    In Session #4, a detailed study of the pericardium meridian, special effect points and conditions treatable with needling of each point are discussed. A detailed study of San Jiao Meridian patterns, Upper, Middle and Lower Burners, with needling will also be discussed. The micro systems: scalp, hands, face and ear and facial rejuvenation (TCM, Korean, Electro) are identified. He also describes the identification of patterns according to the five elements. Lastly, a detailed study of the gall bladder meridian patterns, diet, emotions, climate, damp-heat, deficiency and needling of each point is covered. A practice workshop on the tongue and pulse are also discussed.

    In Session #5, Dr. Zev Myerowitz presents a detailed study of the Liver Meridian Patterns, Pathogenic Factors, Emotions, Diet, Qi Stagnation, Blood Stasis, Liver Fire, Liver Wind, Damp Heat, Cold Stagnation, Blood Deficiency, Yang Rising, Combinations, and needling of each point. In hours 3 and 4 Dr. Zev does a detailed study of the Ren Meridian, Special Effect Points, and conditions treatable, with needling of each point. In hours 5, 6 and 7 he provides a detailed study of the Du Meridian, Special Effect Points and conditions treatable, with needling each point. In hours 8, 9 and 10 he covers Scalp Acupuncture. In hours 11 and 12 he describes and discusses the Eight Extra Vessels, Special Effects, Treatment Techniques, Needle, Electro, Ion Pumping, and Ba Gua. In hours 13, 14, and 15 Dr. Myerowitz discusses the Five Element transporting and application. He wraps up with a Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis workshop.

    Early Bird (Ends 15 days prior to session): $285 per session
    Regular: $320 per session
    One-time Fee: $35 for required manual (purchased at Session #1)

    Zev Myerowitz, DC, Dipl.Ac (NCCAOM), Lac.

    Session Dates:
    Session #6: February 25, 2017: 8am-7pm & February 26, 2017: 8am-1:45pm

    Session #1: May 20, 2017: 8am-7pm & May 21, 2017: 8am-1:45pm
    Session #2: June 10, 2017: 8am-7pm & June 11, 2017: 8am-1:45pm
    Session #3: July 15, 2017: 8am-7pm & July 16, 2017: 8am-1:45pm
    Session #4: August 12, 2017: 8am-7pm & August 13, 2017: 8am-1:45pm
    Session #5: September 9, 2017: 8am-7pm & September 10, 2017: 8am-1:45pm
    Session #6: October 7, 2017: 8am-7pm & October 8, 2017: 8am-1:45pm


  • Acupuncture - Advanced

    Course Description:
    The Advanced Acupuncture classes delve deep into all aspects of acupuncture and can lead to Diplomate status with the American Academy of Chiropractic Acupuncture and eligibility to sit for the Diplomate examination of the American Board of Chiropractic Acupuncture.

    In Session# 4, students will learn the Taoist Diagnosis and Treatment of Internal Conditions, TCM and Taoist Diagnosis and Treatment of Female Gynecological Disorders including Infertility and Menopause, Taoist Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer, AIDS and Hepatitis and introduction to Master Tung Acupuncture and Master Tung Points.

    In Session #5, discussions continue about the Master Tung's Points.

    Early Bird (Ends 15 days prior to session): $355 per session
    Regular: $395 per session

    Zev Myerowitz, DC, Dipl.Ac (NCCAOM), Lac.

    Session Dates:
    No dates available at this time.

  • Acupuncture - Diplomate: Multiple Dates

    Course Description:
    Coming Soon

    Early Bird (Ends 15 days prior to session): $355 per session
    Regular: $395 per session
    Required Text: Foundation of Chinese Medicine by Macioca

    Zev Myerowitz, DC, Dipl.Ac (NCCAOM), Lac.

    Session Dates:
    Session #2: March 4, 2017: 8am-8pm & March 5, 2017: 7am-3pm
    Session #3: April 1, 2017: 8am-8pm & April 2, 2017: 7am-3pm
    Session #4: May 6, 2017: 8am-8pm & May 7, 2017: 7am-3pm
    Session #5: June 3, 2017: 8am-8pm & June 4, 2017: 7am-3pm

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