Logan University Scholarships


Logan University offers numerous endowed scholarships to current students. Eligibility and application information is available from the Office of Financial Aid at Laurel.Miller@logan.edu or 636-230-1723 . Logan will also inform students about external scholarship opportunities as they are discovered.

  • College of Chiropractic

    New scholarships are added to this section as soon as they are received.

    College of Chiropractic
    Name Amount Deadline Requirements
    Scholarships for New Students
    There are no current scholarship opportunities at this time for new students. 
    Scholarships for Current Students
     Toftness Clinical Excellence Grant
    Current Tri 9 student or above, 3.0+ GPA
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    Previous Scholarship Opportunities
    Michigan Chiropractic Foundation Scholarship $1,500
    Intend to practice in Michigan
    Toftness Clinical Excellence Grant $1,200 August 12th, 2016 Currently enrolled Tri 9 student
    Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above
    B.E. Doyle Scholarship $750 (2) March 18th, 2016 Currently enrolled DC student
    DC GPA of 3.5 or above

    Beatrice B. Hagen, DC Scholarship $500 March 18th, 2016  Shows interest & proficiency in Basic Technique
    Currently enrolled Tri 5 DC student
    GPA of 3.0 or above

    Brian E. Stanek, DC Memorial Scholarship $500 March 18th, 2016 Currently enrolled Tri 5 DC student
    GPA of 2.8 or above

    Lorraine M. Golden, DC
    Kentuckiana Children's Center Scholarship
    $500 March 18th, 2016 Interest & Proficiency in Basic Technique
    Currently completed Tri 6 student

    Dr. Arthur L. McAuliffe Scholarship $1,500 March 18th, 2016 Currently enrolled Tri 8 student
    DC GPA of 2.7 or above

    Dr. Eugene Mikus Scholarship $4,500 March 18th, 2016 Chiropractic must be your second career
    Currently enrolled Tri 7 or Tri 8 DC student

    Dr. Faye Eagles Scholarship $1,000  March 18th, 2016 Female student
    Current enrolled Tri 4 DC student

    Howard S. Grossman, DC Scholarship $2,500 (2) March 18th, 2016 Currently Tri 3 - Tri 9 DC student
    DC GPA of 3.5 or above

    John R. Howell, DC Memorial Scholarship $500 March 18th, 2016 Must be from Arkansas
    Current Tri 6 - Tri 9 DC student

    Dr. Lori Bents Scholarship $500 (2) March 18th, 2016 Wisconsin resident
    GPA 3.0 to 3.5

    Dr. Thomas E. Speer Scholarship $5,000 March 18th, 2016 Current second-career student
    DC GPA of 3.0 or above

    Dr. William M. Harris Scholarship $1,250 March 18th, 2016 Current Tri 7 or 8 DC student
    DC GPA of 3.2 or above

    Foot Levelers, INC. Scholarship $1,000 March 18th, 2016 Current Tri 6 or Tri 7 student
    DC GPA of 3.0 or above

    Forever Chiropractic, Forever Logan Scholarship $2,000 March 18th, 2016 Current Tri 2 through Tri 9 DC student

    Friends of Logan Scholarship $3,000 March 18th, 2016 Current Tri 2 through Tri 10 DC student
    DC GPA 3.0 or above

    Linda Brauch Kenny Scholarship $1,000 March 18th, 2016 Single mother of one or more children
    Current Tri 4 through Tri 10 student

    Missouri Association of Student Financial Aid Personnel Scholarship $1,000 March 18th, 2016 Current DC student
    GPA of 2.5 or above

    Scharnhorst Scholarship $750 (5) March 18th, 2016 DC GPA of 2.8 or above
    Current Tri 2 - Tri 9 DC student

    Society for the Advancement of Chiropractic Education Practice Resource Scholarship $150 March 18th, 2016 Current Tri 7 - Tri 9 student
    DC GPA of 2.8 or above

    Standard Process, INC. Scholarship $2,000 March 18th, 2016 Tri 2 - Tri 7 student
    DC GPA of 2.5 or above

    Tracey Parmentar Memorial Scholarship $1,000 March 18th, 2016 Current Tri 8 or Tri 9 DC student

  • College of Health Sciences
    College of Health Sciences
    Master's in Nutrition & Human Performance Intern Scholarship
    This scholarship is for those students who apply for and are accepted into an internship at one of Logan's community health centers, CHIPs, Paraquad or Myrtle Hillard Davis. The scholarship is currently a $2,700 value.
    Qualification: Must be enrolled in MSN program, be in good academic standing and must apply for and complete an internship at a Logan community health center (CHIPs, Paraquad or Myrtle Hillard Davis).

    Please Note: A student may receive only one College of Health Sciences merit scholarship per trimester. If the student should qualify for more than one, Logan University will award the most beneficial scholarship. Dollar amounts are subject to change based on tuition costs.
  • External Scholarship Opportunities

    The Office of Financial Aid will notify the student body as it receives information. The scholarships may not be offered each year.
    Scholarship Deadline Requirements Amount
    Mid-Ohio Chiropractic Association Scholarship   - 2.75 GPA or higher
    - Essay
    Network Family Wellness Centers Scholarship October 31st (annual) - 3.2 GPA or higher
    - Essay
    2017 ChiroHealthUSA Foxworth Family Scholarship March 3, 2017 - 2.7 GPA or higher
    - Two letters of recommendation 
    Wisconsin Chiropractic Association Scholarship
    August 15, 2016 - Sixth Trimester or above
    - From Wisconsin or intends to practice in Wisconsin
    NBCE Student Scholarship August 1, 2016 Enrolled in a U.S., CCE-accredited, chiropractic degree $2,000
    SallieMae   Varies
    Sigma Chi Medical & Health Scholarship
    - Member of the National Sigma Chi fraternity
    - Contact Dr. Terry Yochum directly for information:
    Dr. Terry Yochum
    7500 Wadsworth Blvd.
    Arvada, CO 80003
    Nashville Sports & Spine Chiropractic Scholarship August 1, 2016 - Tri 3-10 DC student
    - Full-time
    - GPA of 3.0 or above
    Academy of Missouri Chiropractors March -One year of chiropractic college work
    -Minimum of 2.5 GPA
    -Official transcript
    -Two letters of reference (one from current faculty member)
    -Financial need information
    -Completed application -Answer two questions on application
    -You do not need to be a Missouri resident to apply
    American Chiropractic Association/ACF Scholarship Awards June -Completed application, essay, personal statement, letters of recommendation and official transcript
    -Student ACA member
    -Minimum GPA of 2.75
    -Trimester 3 or above -Full-time Doctor of Chiropractic student
    Varies (14-17 scholarships awarded each year)
    ANJC Scholarship Program January - From New Jersey and plan to return to New Jersey to practice
    Five $1,000 scholarships
    Arkansas Grant Program Open -Full-time Doctor of Chiropractic students
    -Only three new grant applicants may receive the grant each year
    -The grant is renewed automatically for full-time Doctor of Chiropractic students
    Auxiliary to the North Dakota Chiropractic Association April -Trimester 4 or above
    -North Dakota resident or referred by a North Dakota chiropractor
    -Typewritten letter of application stating need, desire and qualifications and future plans
    -Official transcripts from all colleges attended including all pre-chiropractic transcripts
    -Previous recipients may reapply.
    B. Davis Scholarship May -Open to high school juniors, seniors and students at post-secondary institutions
    -Completed essay
    Chippewa Valley Chiropractic Alliance Scholarship December -For students from the Chippewa Valley, Wisc., area or students affiliated with a chiropractor from the area
    -Print out and complete the application along with an essay (topic provided on the application)
    Chiropractic Association of Louisiana's William Boyd Scholarship June -Louisiana resident with intent to practice in Lousiana
    -Trimester 5 or above
    -Cumulative GPA of 2.75 or higher
    -Official transcript and completed application
    -Recommendation by active member of C.A.L.
    -Three letters of recommendation (family excluded, one from faculty member)
    Chiropractic Education Foundation of New York (CEFNY) Scholarship March -New York resident with plans to practice in New York
    -Completed at least one year of study before current spring term and not graduate before the next December
    -Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
    -Application and personal letter
    -Official transcript
    -Tax return
    -Letters of recommendation
    -NSLDS student loan history.
    -Previous CEFNY recipients may not re-apply
    Several $1,500 scholarships
    Coalition of Higher Education Assistance Organizations (COHEAO)
    March -Undergraduate students only
    -Must be a U.S. citizen and attending Logan University
    -Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.75
    -Only one scholarship per family per academic year will be awarded
    Eight $1,000 scholarships
    Federation of Straight Chiropractors & Organization Essay Contest-John Stachurski Memorial Scholarship September -Student FSCO member
    -Enrolled by or before fall trimester
    -Completed essay
    Awards ranging $500 to $2,500
    Federation of Straight Chiropractors & Organziation Scholarship for Leaders November -Any student, chiropractic college employee or licensed Doctor of Chiropractic may nominate a current Doctor of Chiropractic student by writing a statement of 1,000 words or less describing why a particular student is deserving of the scholarship
    Five prizes totaling $5,000
    FICS Students Scholarships  October -Enrolled full-time and graduating in or after next year
    -Essay concerning importance of chiropractic sports services to athletes and the future
    -Information of personal participation in sports activities
    -Information of contribution to sports chiropractic
    -Letter from faculty member involved in teaching sports chiropractic or related subject
    Garden State Chiropractic Society Scholarship April Full-time New Jersey resident
    -Essay and cover sheet with personal details

    ICA Auxiliary Scholarship - Alma Neilsen Perpetual Scholarship April -Logan SICA members who are in good standing with the SICA
    -Three letters of recommendation, one from a Doctor of Chiropractic in good standing with ICA
    -Sophomore status or above -Completed application; essay
    -Applicants must provide three copies of the application and related materials to the ICAA Scholarship Committee
    Scholarships from $500 to $1,200
    Illinois Chiropractic Foundation Scholarship August -Full-time Doctor of Chiropractic students in Trimester 3 or above -Planning to practice in Illinois
    -2.75 GPA
    -Completed application
    -Faculty and non-faculty recommendation
    -Official transcript
    -Two statements and essay
    Two $1,000 scholarships
    International Chiropractors Association of Indiana March -Completed application and essay
    -Preference given to Indiana students first
    $4,500 in scholarships available
    Kentucky Association of Chiropractic Aux. Scholarship September -Kentucky resident
    -2.5 GPA
    -Official transcript
    -In final two years of study
    -Letters of recommendation from faculty members
    -Essay and application
    -Explanation of recipient eligibility
    up to $3,000
    Kentucky Chiropractic Society Scholarship Fund August -Kentucky resident
    -Must be full-time in 4th trimester of study or beyond
    -Minimum GPA of 2.75
    -Official recommendation from the Office of Financial Aid
    -Two letters of recommendation from faculty members
    -Official transcript
    -Brief statement of need, essay and completed application
    Leigh Carter Scholarship - Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee March -Full-time chiropractic students
    -Preference given to students from Tennessee
    -Completed application
    -Transcripts and two sealed appraisal letters
    Macomb County Chiropractic Association Scholarship March -Resident of Macomb County, Mich., pursuing a career in chiropractic health care (undergraduate students may apply)
    -Completed application
    -Copy of your high school/college transcript
    -Any letters of recommendation or other materials you would like the Scholarship Committee to consider
    Two $1,000 scholarships
    Mississippi Graduate and Professional Degree/Loan Scholarship (MS Grant Program) March -Full admittance or attending Logan University
    -Mississippi resident
    -Agrees to specialize in chiropractic
    -Agrees to practice the approved medical specialty in the state of Mississippi immediately upon graduation
    -Scholarship may be renewed annually
    Up to $7,000 average annually
    Missouri State Chiropractic Association Auxiliary Scholarship June -Missouri student enrolled full-time in Trimester 3 or beyond
    -Minimum of 2.5 GPA
    -Official recommendation from the college's Office of Financial Aid
    -Two letters of recommendation from faculty members
    -Official transcript
    -Completed application, brief statement of need and essay
    Two $1,000 scholarships
    NCMIC Scholarship March -Completed application, essay and two letters of recommendation
    -3.2 or higher GPA
    -Must be within 18 months of graduation as of March 1
    New Mexico Chiropractic Association Scholarship - Darrell Atchley Scholarship March and October -New Mexico resident in good standing
    -Minimum of 2.5 GPA
    -Full-time student in Trimester 3 or above
    -Official transcript
    -Recommendation from Office of Financial Aid
    -Two letters of recommendation from faculty member
    -Completed application,  statement of need and qualification and essay
    up to two (2) $500 scholarships
    North Carolina Student Loan Program for Health, Science and Mathematics April for renewal applicants; May for new applicants -North Carolina resident
    -Enrolled full-time and have financial need
    -Completed application
    -Copy of current FAFSA
    The HSM loan can be forgiven if the borrower works in an approved area or facility in North Carolina for a designated period of time. Students from North Carolina who are applying for the Doctor of Chiropractic Degree Program may also qualify for this loan, with a full acceptance letter and transcripts.
    $8,500 per year
    Oklahoma State Regents' Chiropractic Education Scholarship Program
    August -Oklahoma resident for at least five years
    -Current Doctor of Chiropractic students: 3.0 GPA, transcripts, application -New Doctor of Chiropractic students: acceptance letter and application
    Up to $6,000
    Sylva Ashworth Scholarship for single mothers-Federation of Straight Chiropractors & Organizaitons May -Completed FAFSA on file with Logan University Programs
    -Verification of single mother status (note from the Registrar)
    -Previous recipients may not re-apply
    Talbots Women's Scholarship Fund January, or until 5000 applications have been received -Completed application and essay
    -For women currently residing in the U.S. or Canada and earned High School Diploma or GED by September 10 years ago (must provide proof)
    -Enrolled at least half-time as an undergrad student and not already have a bachelor's degree
    -Be attending during the next academic year and not receive a bachelor's degree before May of the end of the academic year
    $15,000 - $30,000 scholarships, plus gift card prizes
    USA Funds Access to Education Scholarship December-February -Full-time graduate student or full- or half-time undergrad student
    -Be enrolled during the upcoming fall trimester through February 1 of the following year
    -U.S. citizen or eligible non-citizen
    -Completed application -Finalists must be prepared to provide an official transcript and a copy of their current tax return
    US Bank Internet Scholarship Program March -Scholarship drawing, available to high school seniors and college undergraduates Forty $1,000 Scholarships
    Vermont Student Assistance Corporation Scholarship Program March -Graduate and undergraduate students from Vermont
    -Completed application
    -Additional paperwork (i.e., letters of recommendation, transcripts) may be requested
    Wellness Works Scholarship Program Every March and August -Enrolled in Trimester 7 or above
    -In good academic standing (must provide transcript)
    -Completed application
    -Must submit best idea in the form of an essay, marketing campaign, or storyboard (typed on Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, 500 words or less) for marketing chiropractic care nationally as a proactive health maintenance
    -If selected, must be willing to have photo taken and published
    Varies; dependent upon funds available
    World Congress of Women Chiropractors (WCWC) Scholarship November -WCWC member
    -Completed application
    -Leadership and innovation qualities
    -Participation in service activities and essay

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