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Corporate/Group Partnerships

Corporate/Group Partnerships

The Corporate/Group Partnership Program allows individuals affiliated with the below mentioned corporations & groups the ability to further their education through different programs offered at Logan University.  Contact the Office of Admissions or Corporate/Group Representative to learn more.

Logan is proud to partner with the following Corporations/Groups:

Company/Organization Name:  Association of Chiropractic Malaysia (ACM)

Affiliated Partnership Programs: Master of Science in Sports Science & Rehabilitation, Master of Science in Nutrition & Human Performance, Master of Science in Health Informatics, Doctor of Health Professions Education

Contact Information:
Logan Admissions
Tel: 636-230-1750
Email: Admissions@Logan.edu

Company/Organization Name: Shanghai Chiropractic Group

Affiliated Partnership Programs: DC Program (Preceptorship)

Contact Information:
Dr. Vincent De Bono
Tel: : 636-230-2701
Email: Vincent.DeBono@logan.edu