Women's Health Symposium: October 30-31

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Admission Requirements

An Applicant Must Have:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline. Official Transcripts must be provided.
  • Earn a minimum of a 3.0 GPA in your undergraduate degree.
  • Completion of all pre-requisite coursework with a C or better.
    • Required:
      • Biology with lab (3-4 credit hours)
      • Chemistry with lab (3-4 credit hours)
      • Physics with lab (3-4 credit hours)
      • Anatomy and Physiology with lab (6-8 credit hours)
      • Psychology (3 credit hours)
      • Exercise Physiology (3 credit hours)
      • Nutrition (3 credit hours)
    • Recommended:
      • Statistics
      • Biomechanics
      • Medical Terminology
  • Upon acceptance into the MAT program, students will need to provide the following:
    • Proof of CPR/AED certification
    • Copy of Immunization Records
    • Pass a Criminal Background Check
    • Sign and Accept the program’s technical standards
    • Complete HIPAA, FERPA, bloodborne pathogen training