Online Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance

With curriculum blending research and sound clinical applications, graduates of the Master of Science in Nutrition and Human Performance program will learn to analyze diet and health status, assess nutrition deficiencies as well as food allergies, and offer patients evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle recommendations.

Logan University enhances students' knowledge by integrating fundamentals of nutritional biochemistry, metabolism, health and wellness with research methods used in nutrition. Graduates find careers in public health programs, education, nutrition and health communication, consulting and nutrition-related businesses in private and public sectors.

Nutrition Degree Concentrations
  • Sports & Fitness Nutrition
    Learn about nutritional assessment of athletes, nutrition and physical performance.
  • Nutritional Wellness
    Learn about sustainable food systems, nutrition epidemiology, health promotion.
  • Health Education & Promotion
    Learn about health education concepts as well as media, technology and public health.

There is no GRE examination required and the degree is offered completely online.

  • Master's in Nutrition

    Admissions Requirements

    Admissions guidelines for the Master's in Nutrition and Human Performance degree.

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  • Master's in Nutrition

    Degree Goals & Course Info

    View the degree goals and course descriptions for the Master's in Nutrition and Human Performance degree.

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  • Master's in Nutrition

    Tuition & Fees

    View Tuition & Fees for the Master's in Nutrition and Human Performance degree.

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  • Graduate Outcomes

    Graduates are prepared to:

    Assess and design nutritional plans to maximize human performance.

    Manage nutrition programs and content of health and corporate wellness programs.

    Assess, diagnose and manage health and performance related nutrition issues in clinical, performance and university settings.

    Provide clinical nutrition expertise as an integral member of a team-based health care system.

  • Certification Opportunities

    Logan’s Nutrition and Human Performance graduates may be qualified to sit for independent certification exams. Students should contact their local state Board of Health to determine which of these may be recognized for practice in their state and any other state licensing, registration or certification requirements, as they are subject to change.

    Students must also check with each certification board below to verify if they meet eligibility requirements.

    Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) through the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB). The Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB) provides professional training, examining and certifying for alternative or complimentary medical, clinical nutrition and health care organizations, in addition to specialty credentialing programs and state license/certification exams. Non-chiropractic students interested in taking the CCN exam should review the Clinical Nutrition Certification Board (CNCB) website for the CCN exam core science coursework eligibility requirements.

    Certified Sports Nutritionist (CISSN) through the International Society of Sports Nutrition (ISSN). The CISSN is the premier certification in the field of sports nutrition and supplementation.

    Professionals with CCN or CISSN certifications include:

    - Health and Wellness
    - Educators
    - Nutritionists
    - Sports Nutritionists
    - Fitness Professionals
    - Strength and Conditioning Professionals

    MS/DC Only
    Graduates are eligible to sit for the Diplomate in Nutrition hosted by the Chiropractic Board of Clinical Nutrition.

  • Why Logan University?
    Why Logan?

    Logan University is dedicated to maximizing human performance through innovative health education and continuous quality improvement. With an established and world-renowned reputation for academic excellence, Logan University offers first-class programs, facilities and faculty.

    Logan has been a leader in chiropractic education since 1935. Today, Logan University continues its chiropractic tradition while also offering a variety of online health sciences programs.

    The Trimester System

    Logan University’s academic year consists of three 15-week trimesters. Trimesters begin each January, May and September. The trimester format allows for more flexibility for students who are deciding when to begin their education.

    Quality Education at an Outstanding Value

    Quality education at a great value makes Logan a natural choice for those seeking careers in the health care field. Logan’s tuition for undergraduate, graduate and doctorate courses are competitively priced. When Logan students graduate, they leave not only with an outstanding education, but also with smaller student loans.

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Concurrent Master's Degree

Students entering the Doctor of Chiropractic Program may earn concurrent credit for the Master's of Sports Rehabilitation or the Master's of Nutrition & Human Performance while completing doctoral studies.

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