Doctor of Chiropractic Program Departments

Doctor of Chiropractic 
Program Departments

Basic Sciences

The Basic Science Division provides an in-depth, hands-on study of the human organism at every level of organization. Cell structure and function, from primitive to specialized tissue, organs and body systems are studied with a special emphasis on integrating the role of the endocrine and nervous systems. Students study the human body completely — gross anatomy, cell biology, spinal anatomy, embryology, physiology, microbiology and pathology are just a few of the science courses. 

Chiropractic Sciences

Chiropractic education at Logan begins with immediate and continual exposure to the science of chiropractic, its philosophy, principles and practice. In the Chiropractic Science Division, the emphasis is on each student developing competency in the professional application and synthesis of scientific aptitude, clinical competence and ethical demeanor. Examples of coursework include orthopedics, biomechanics, physical therapy and chiropractic techniques.  

Clinical Sciences

The primary emphasis of the Clinical Science Division is to prepare a doctor of chiropractic, confident and competent in cognitive, physical, clinical, laboratory, and fundamental diagnostic imaging skills and capable of performing differential diagnosis as it applies to clinical care. This is accomplished by building upon the necessary critical faculties of basic science and chiropractic, and blending all into a system of investigative procedures which develop the highly trained chiropractor who can function as a primary health care provider in an integrated health care system. The courses offered in this division cover topics such as physical diagnosis, neurology, radiology, laboratory diagnosis, neuromusculoskeletal, clinical nutrition and more.

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