Logan 2020

Sharing the strategic vision of Logan University's future.

Evidence Informed

We will create a community of scholars and lifelong partners, incorporating evidence-informed practices into all we do at every level of instruction, patient care and administration.
By following the Baldrige model of continuous improvement and committing to effective strategic planning, we will ensure Logan offers the highest quality of education, earns the trust of a discerning student body and engages with the most respected faculty. Our goal is to be the nation's most respected small academic health care institution. 

Logan Academics

We will create and refine our curriculum to meet the ever-changing needs of our health care system and the challenges of our society.

We will enhance our educational offerings and create a more robust and comprehensive student experience, delivering additional masters and bachelor degree pathways each year. Further, we will continue to provide a chiropractic curriculum that is grounded in the Logan tradition and infused with current research, technology and proven practices to educate tomorrow's chiropractors.

Clinical Immersion

We will infuse our academic process with more clinical and professional opportunities.
We will continue pushing the envelope to create immersive and collaborative opportunities to ensure our graduates are clinically ready to provide care. We will continue partnering with diverse organizations like CHIPs, Paraquad and the VA that offer depth and complexity of care which creates confident and proficient leaders. Finally, we will continue preventing athletic injuries and enhancing human performance at the University of Missouri and at other colleges and universities, as we forge new relationships that allow students to deepen their knowledge.

Logan at the Forefront of Integrated Health Care

We will pursue every opportunity to integrate our clinical education and degrees, within the broader health care system, and will pursue excellence at every level.

Our students will be better health care professionals because of our commitment to cultivating integrated practice opportunities. Our students and graduates will work alongside medical doctors, physical therapists and surgeons, using the "treat, co-treat and refer model," to provide patient-centered care. We will advance chiropractic across the globe through partnerships with FICS, WFC and ACA, while on campus we will set a higher standard of performance by following the Baldrige model.

Our students will feel deeply rewarded for choosing Logan, as their academic and hands-on experience will surpass that offered by other schools. We will provide them every reasonable tool and opportunity to ensure their success through coursework and life after graduation.
Our alumni will enjoy a valuable lifelong relationship with Logan, realizing long-term benefits of their education, postgraduate opportunities, career placement and practice support. Our alumni will be proud standard bearers for the University's future by referring students, participating in continuing education and serving as a critical source of financial support and knowledge.
Faculty & Staff
Our faculty and staff are the cornerstone of the University's commitment to strive for excellence in all we do. The school will provide ongoing development opportunities so our team members may reach their fullest professional potential, sharing their expertise with each other and with our students to ensure an environment that supports rewarding careers and world class education.
Our patients benefit from improved care through our health centers and clinics. We will continue providing compassionate, evidence-informed care through an integrated health care model that best meets their individual needs and ultimately produces the best possible outcomes.