MOTUS Soft Tissue & Kinesology

November 22, 2014
12:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Location: Logan University G102

November 22-23, 2014   
MOTUS Soft Tissue and Kinesiology Taping  
 Instructor:  Vincent F. DeBono, DC

Logan University’s College of Chiropractic Postgraduate Department is proud to welcome this outstanding seminar to our campus. This 14-hour presentation, MOTUS Myofascial Therapy – Functional, Dynamic, Therapeutic: Utilizing instrument assisted soft tissue therapy and kinesiology taping – Advanced clinical applications, is being presented by Dr. Vincent F. DeBono.  MOTUS Kinesiology Taping & Myofascial Therapy Course (MKTMT) is an extensive 14-hour “hands on” course that stresses practical applications that are easy to understand and easily implemented into a clinical setting. The MKTMT course is one of the first kinesiology taping methods to incorporate myofascial therapy correlated to the specific taping applications. It is designed for the practitioner (DC, PT, PTA, OT, OTA, ATC) who seeks extensive hands on training necessary to truly incorporate kinesiology taping with correlated soft tissue methods into their treatment arsenal. Unlike other elastic therapeutic taping courses, the MKTMT course will provide you with the protocols needed to successfully treat conditions from the acute (fluid flow) to sub acute (repair) to rehabilitative (adaptation) stages of therapy through an easy to understand and even easier to follow teaching method. This concentrated hands on 14-hour course was created by two of the leading elastic therapeutic practitioners in the world, with almost three decades of combined experience in kinesiology taping alone. Included in this comprehensive presentation are: therapeutic effects of the MOTUS Kinesiology Taping & Myofascial Therapy; assist/normalize fluid flow dynamics; assist/promote proper tissue repair; assist/drive tissue adaptation; elastic taping technique and myofascial therapy effects through cellular and receptor signaling systems; sensory feedback through taping and soft tissue techniques and the mechanisms that can alter motor input; cellular and receptor signaling in the repair and regeneration of soft tissue and how taping and soft tissue techniques affect these systems. The seminar consists of extensive demonstration and hands on practical procedures. Please note that a taping kit is required for this course. The course is taught by Vincent F. DeBono, D.C. Dr. DeBono is a 1989 graduate of National University of Health Sciences (NUHS). He is currently Dean of the College of Chiropractic at Logan University. Dr. DeBono has served as an Associate Professor, Vice President of Academic Services at NUHS, as well as the Dean of Clinics at NUHS from 2005-2006. He has been a successful private practitioner and a well-respected instructor in postgraduate education. Please join him for this excellent presentation. Dr. DeBono asks that all attendees dress accordingly for full body taping labs (shorts, loose clothing, etc.)
Due to the ordering deadline for taping kits, registrations will not be accepted at door.

Times:  Saturday 12:00pm – 7:00pm  ~ Sunday 8:00am – 3:00pm
Tuition $250 Regular Registration ~ $225 Early Bird Tuition
Taping Kit: $65.00
(Tuition must be received by November 7, 2014 to qualify for discount)

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