Insurance Consultant #4

April 15, 2012
8:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Instructor:    Mario Fucinari, DC, CCSP®, MCS-P

This weekend Dr. Mario Fucinari presents Session #4 of the Insurance Consultant/Peer Review Certification Course. This session covers Physical Diagnosis and Low Tech Rehabilitation Techniques. This class addresses questions such as “What is the purpose of chiropractic care?” and “Why rehabilitation?” Dr. Fucinari discusses treatment guidelines, patient fears and worries, and patient education. He discusses Deconditioning Syndrome, talks about the consultation in a rehabilitation case, and defines red flags of serious disease. He covers Waddell Non-Organic Signs, Physical Examination, Level of the E/M Code, Muscle Strength Testing, Sector Analysis, and conducts a Strength Testing Workshop. He describes and discusses physical findings with cervical radiculopathy, and physical findings with lumbar radiculopathy. He discusses physical capacity evaluation, outcome assessment tools, and risk management. He provides information on documentation of the rationale for rehab and then presents specific rehab information which includes therapeutic exercise, Swiss Ball/Gym Ball, and strength band training. He discusses band vs. tubing, strength band dosage, and strength band selection. He also discusses yoga, Pilates, core stability, neuromuscular re-education, proprioception, rehabilitation, and leg balance testing and training. He wraps up another informative weekend with group therapy requirements, rehabilitation of the elderly, rehabilitation of the child, documentation requirements, and case studies. Mario Fucinari, D.C. CCSP, MCS-P is a 1986 graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic. His teaching expertise includes clinical documentation and coding guidelines, HIPAA training and implementation, OIG compliance guidelines, and stroke and cervical manipulation. Dr. Fucinari is a faculty member at Logan College of Chiropractic, past president of the Illinois Chiropractic Society, and maintains a private practice in Decatur, Illinois.

Why Attend? This is the perfect course for Doctors of Chiropractic who want to be certified in insurance consulting and peer review and for those of us who just want to level the playing field by knowing and understanding the rules of the game. This seminar may be taken as a stand-alone presentation or as the next step in the certification process. Either way, you will receive valuable information that will help you be a better practitioner and get paid for the important work that you do. If you are already certified in insurance consulting this class provides the hours that you need to maintain that certification with the state.

$220 Regular Registration
$195 Early Bird Tuition                           

(Tuition must be received by March 30 to qualify for discount)    

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