Purser Center at Logan University

The Purser at Logan University

Great events are defined by great spaces.

Events inspire innovation and creativity, infuse warmth and hospitality and create an unparalleled ambiance. They also have the ability to leave lasting impressions. The William D. Purser, DC Center at Logan University brings events to life.

The versatility of the space, combined with accessibility and visually appealing architecture, makes The Purser a sought-after venue in west St. Louis County for performances, fundraisers, business conferences and wedding receptions, among others.

Discover what every great event space should be at The Purser.

Events hosted at the Purser Center include:

  • Gala Fundraisers
  • Auctions
  • Bar/Bat Mitzvahs
  • Awards Shows
  • Concerts - Orchestra, Choral, Band
  • Talent Shows
  • Dance Recitals and Performances
  • Seminars
  • Expositions

For more information on rental of the William D. Purser, DC Center, please contact Emily Ratliff at 636-230-1881 or PurserCenter@logan.edu.

Upcoming Events at the Purser Center

March 25: Slice of Logan
April 1- 2: Spotlight Dance Competition
April 4: Alexandra Ballet Student Showcase
April 5: Speed Dating with the Clinics
April 6-9: Rainbow Dance
April 11: Private Event
April 13: Congress of Chiropractic State
April 14: Private Event
April 15: Alepo Fundraising Concert
April 17-19: Final Exams
April 21: Graduation Breakfast
April 22: Logan Graduation
April 23: St. Louis Civic Orchestra
April 27: Logan Spring Symposium
April 28- 30: Celebration Talent Dance Competition

May 5-7: Spotlight Dance Competition
May 8: Logan All Employee Meeting
May 8: Logan White Coat Cerermony
May 9: Parkway North High School Band
May 12- 14: Bravo Dance Competition
May 17: Logan Club Day
May 20-21: Krupinski Academy of Dance
May 25: Howe Oration

June 3: Dance Inc Recital
June 6: Logan Clinic Induction
June 10: Dance Experience Recital
June 24: Slice of Logan
June 25: M & M Dance Recital
June 26- 30: ACES Workshop

Purser Rental

For more information on rental of the William D. Purser, DC Center, contact Emily Ratliff at 636-230-1881 or PurserCenter@logan.edu.

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