Participants Needed for Senior Research Project

Participants are needed for a Senior Research Project, entitled “Computer Workstation Postural Analysis”. All Logan University faculty, staff and students between the ages of 20-65 are eligible. Participants are required to complete two consent forms, one 1-page survey, and allow one photo of them, seated at their/a work station. This is a non-treatment, one-session study, which is eligible for extra credit for qualifying classes and has a participation time of approximately ten minutes.

Please contact Lynda Harris, Administrative Assistant, by phone at 636-230-1952 (extension 1952 from campus phones) or email at with any questions, or to schedule a time that would be convenient for you to either come to Research to participate, or for the Project Investigators to come to your desk for analysis. Appointments available from 11am – 12pm on Tuesdays or Fridays.


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